Week 4 - Heart & Brainpower

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Enjoy all of your heart and brain needs in one package, designed with your body’s optimal functioning in mind.

Your Kit Includes: 

Fire Core Element Capsules – Fire Element Personality types may struggle with heart or blood pressure problems, anxiety, excess worry, loneliness, insomnia, poor memory or lack of focus. Our Fire Element Formula helps these Passionate Types to gain clarity, improve memory and foster cardiovascular health. (Contains 120 Capsules)

Mood Elevation Capsules – Created from natural Chinese herbs in a pure concentrated extract, Mood Elevation is specifically designed to help relieve sadness and depression and calm the mind. (Contains 65 Capsules)

Tension Rollerball - Using a blend of high-quality oils and herbs, our chi-moving formula brings your muscles a warm relaxing feeling mixed with a cool sensation that keeps you active and moving. (Contains 10 ml)

Five Elements Musical Meditation CD – Find balance in your life and invoke the power of the universe by using Infinichi's Five Elements Musical Meditation. Designed to bring the transformative power of each element - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water - to fill the missing Feng Shui spaces and welcome natural vibrations and energy into your home. (Contains 1 C)

Happy Heart, Healthy Heart Meditation CD - Our best-selling meditation, guided by Dr. Mao, invites you to activate this vital organ, opening it to awareness and wellbeing as you let go of negativity and fill up on happiness. (Contains 1 CD)