Week 3 - Immunity & Nutrition

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Enjoy all of your immunity and nutrition needs in one package, designed with your body’s optimal functioning in mind.

Your Kit Includes: 

Immunity Capsules – A formulation of natural Chinese herbs for a broad-spectrum balance to help nourish the body's natural immunity and to have soothing effects for a potent boost to maintain your vitality and health. (Contains 65 Capsules)

ProBiotics – Omega Support is a proprietary blend of polyunsaturated-free, purified whole-body fish oils that are extracted through cold-pressed technology in order to preserve freshness and limit unpleasant taste. A proper balance of omega-6 to omega-3 acids is necessary for a healthy body and proper function. (Contains 50 Capsules)

Immunity Lozenges – A proprietary blend of Vitamin C, zinc, bee propolis and echinacea, our Immunity Lozenges stop germs in their tracks. Perfect to boost your immune system and helps to shorten the length of illness. (Contains 30 Lozenges)

B-Slim – Dr. Mao gives you a healthy weight wellness aid by carefully selecting the herbs in B-Slim, aiding in controlling appetite, minimizing bloating, increasing fat metabolism, and balancing your blood sugar levels. (Contains 180 Capsules)

Secrets of Self-Healing - In the first part of Secrets of Self-Healing, he explains that healing foods and herbs, exercise, self-awareness, a positive emotional life, living in harmony with the environment, and spiritual growth are all crucial for vitality and lasting health. (Contains 1 soft-bound book)