Meditation for Emotional Detoxification CD

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Guided by Jason Moskovitz, L.AC., DIPL.O.M.

Chinese medicine recognizes that diseases can either arrive from outside of our bodies or from inside our bodies. In the West we often say, “I caught a cold.” This is a great illustration of how a bacteria or virus can make its way into our body from the outside. The equivalent phrase for “catching” something in Chinese is “I produce disease.” This puts more focus on a patient’s ability to create disharmony inside his own body.

When it comes to what happens inside us, it’s our excessive emotional states that can disrupt normal circulation of blood, nutrients, and hormones. This can lead to stress, pain, altered immune function, or disease.

Many people recognize that mental and emotional stress can create tense muscles, headaches, or worsen many other physical symptoms. What may be less widely understood are the ways in which we are able to use our minds to think and feel our way out of these very same problems we’ve helped to create.

The simple instructions contained in this recording will help you heal yourself, mind and body. You no longer need to feel distress over your emotional state, for anything can be changed.

22 minutes