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Wood Personality - Secrets of the I Ching Booklet

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Congratulations on finding out you are an authoritative, positive Wood Element Personality type!

Every person is a combination of all five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, but you have only one core element that unlocks your personality. Once you understand what your element is, you can begin connecting to a more complete picture of yourself.

This booklet offers you an introduction to the unique attributes of your Wood Personality. Through this guide you will begin to transform imbalances and tune into the powers and unique gifts that rejuvenate your higher purpose. Topics include career, financial, relationships, feng shui, mental, nutrition, and much more!

Both practical and insightful, Infinichi’s Wood Element Booklet offers you inspiring wisdom to achieve your journey towards happiness and fulfillment!

 *Available in both digital and print versions.