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Change Yourself, Change Your Life

Do you ever feel confused and unhappy about your life?
Do you ever dislike your negative traits but felt powerless to change them?
Do you ever feel frustrated that despite your best efforts that you can’t seem to get over the “hump” and accomplish your goals?


This fun, interactive series is structured into five courses which qualifies you to take the Certification Workshops. It’s great for anyone interested in changing their life, becoming a life coach, and for someone who is interested in learning in depth from a 38th generation Chinese medicine, leading expert. If you are a Licensed Acupuncturists, these courses provide CEU required for licensure renewal.

Infinichi Life Coaching is a distillation of ancient spiritual wisdom to help you find health, happiness and fulfillment in your life.  The Infinichi Life Coaching program is a system that involves one-on-one coaching based on the ancient Five-Element/Five-Health Paradigm designed for you to experience personal transformations that lead to powerful and positive changes in your life.  The ultimate goal is achieving physical, emotional, spiritual, moral and financial health and balance. 

The process of the work is intended to help you:

As you journey through life, you will be able to experience fulfillment of your goals which may include evolving spiritually, improving your health, experiencing profound joy, finding meaning in your work, healing your relationships, becoming financially independent, helping the world be a better place, and leaving a positive legacy.  Infinichi Life Coaching not only helps you facilitate the above but also holds you accountable for your actions, thus ensuring a higher success rate.

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