December Fire Element Horoscope




For thousands of years, the I Ching guided decisions about our health, relationships, financial matters, work, and play. Predictions from the I Ching follow the lunar year based on multiple, overlapping cycles that govern the heavens and earth. A variety of stems, branches, directions, and phases also have their say, each creating a trail of clues, probabilities and possibilities, so let us begin.

Decembers energy is all about our jing ―our essence ―our very being. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are born with a fixed quantity of jing which is consumed by everyday stress, illness, substance abuse, or lack of restraint in personal indulgence. Conversely, our jing can be replenished with nourishing food and various forms of exercise, study, and meditation.

The holiday season is a time to consider that our jing is precious and that our lifetime allotment has its limits. Be mindful of your jing when you are tempted by an overladen buffet or an open bar. Be careful with intoxicants and be mindful of the presence of friends and family. Spread light and joy as you prepare to kick off a brand new year.

Now, lets learn more about what the I Ching reveals about you this month.



Water Restrains Fire



Physical Health

Yang Water energy is strong and deep, and it’s going to try to snuff out your fire. Slow down a little; pace yourself. Get in some quality personal time. Your Element is about the heart and circulation, and you’re not going to feel good if you overextend yourself. It’s not your nature to put your feet up by the fire, but try it anyway. You could learn to like it!


mind-health-icon.jpgEmotional Health

Fire people are the performers of the world; the stand-up comedians, the drama queens and kings. You’ve been doing it for so long that everyone expects you to be center stage at celebrations, but this holiday season let go of the spotlight and give someone else a chance. Attention makes you feel happy but standing aside this time, may actually be a relief.



Relationships Health

You can’t pay attention to engendering healthy relationships when you are overwhelmed or overstimulated, so do your best to keep things simple. The simple pleasures of life really are simple: prepare a cup of Ancient Treasures tea for someone you love, cozy up and watch a movie together, give a soothing back rub, hang a branch of mistletoe in a doorway …see?


financial-health-icon.jpgFinancial Health

Strong yang Water energy restrains your Element, which is probably a good thing since your natural tendency is to overdo. You are a “more is better” kind of person but spending beyond your means will eventually catch up with you. Do your best to be a thoughtful gift giver and try expressing your love with words and hugs rather than piles of presents.


work-health-icon.jpgCareer Health

Water is deep, spiritual, and wise so use December’s Water energy to help you party wisely. You don’t want to be embarrassed about anything you did or said at an office party… or at any party for that matter! Unwrap your natural charm and charisma at holiday parties and save your hearty-party ways for gatherings with intimate friends who know you well.



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