February Fire Element Horoscope


For thousands of years the I Ching has provided guidance for decisions about our health, relationships, finances, work, and play. Predictions from the I Ching follow the lunar year and are based on multiple, overlapping cycles that govern the heavens and earth. A variety of stems, branches, directions, and phases also have their say, each creating a trail of portents, probabilities, and possibilities, so let us begin …

In the Gregorian calendar, it is 2020 but in the Chinese lunar calendar, it is 4718. Asian countries utilize the western calendar for most purposes, but the lunar calendar is still consulted for determining the dates of traditional holidays and important occasions like weddings, moving, or starting new businesses. Chinese New Year celebrations that began in January will end with the Lantern Festival on February 8, when strollers go out to view the full moon and release lighted lanterns up into the night sky. 

In the Chinese horoscope, 4718 is a Yang Metal Rat year. In the west, rats are reviled but in the east, rats are admired for their diligence, intelligence, courage, and adaptability. People born in Rat years 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, or 2020 are all expected to be charming and sociable, at ease in company, and good in groups. Rats born in 1960 and 2020 are Metal Rats which is an indication that they are stubborn yet sensitive, are good leaders, and prefer being a person in charge. 

In the west, February will be a leap year which keeps the western calendar in sync with the cycles of the sun and the moon. In the US, we are also going to be busy with Black History Month celebrations, President’s Day, and National Wear Red Day in support of women’s heart health. We will watch the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards, chow down on a thin crust, Chicago-style, deep dish or anything-in-between on National Pizza Day, and send valentines to the people we love. 

February’s Wood Element energy is robust; it will provide us with an abundance of forward-moving momentum that will kick off endless possibilities. This month we can look forward to interesting developments and opportunities to explore, so check out your personal element to see what the Chinese horoscope has in store for you!


Physical Health

Do you get very hungry, very suddenly and then if you can’t eat right away … get really irritable? Just like a natural fire can quickly consume a pile of wood, many Fire people burn through their food quickly as well. If this is you, keep a few snacks handy and you will probably find that something small like a packet of fruit/nut trail mix will satisfy your hunger and avert a cranky meltdown.

 mind-health-icon.jpgEmotional Health

Few people would suspect how deep your feelings go. You have a powerful aura and an intensity that allows you to focus your energy and get right to the heart of things. You are charming and fall in love quickly, but in order to sustain a romance you may have to fight your Fire tendency to become bored and your natural inclination to want to keep moving along.


Relationships Health

You are diplomatic, and that will lead to happy relationships. You can however, be unexpectedly sensitive, fiery, and temperamental. Although you go to great lengths to avoid unpleasant confrontations and are good at hiding your feelings under a veneer of charm, you like having good relationships so don’t spoil the fun by giving in to your temper … at least not in public!

financial-health-icon.jpgFinancial Health

It is said that Fire people love to travel and to be on the move to escape their usual lives. You are willing to travel cheaply, like sleeping in your car or camping in a tent―you don’t require expensive accommodations. What you do need is to hit the road and get away from it all, but bring someone along to share in the fun, because most Fire people really don’t like being alone. 

work-health-icon.jpgCareer Health

Strong Fire types often start their own businesses to avoid having to work for someone else. In that case, your endeavor will be especially successful if you bring people representing the other elements unto your management team. Despite your strong mental capacity, many Fire people have one peculiar weakness … they are forgetful, but your team can help keep you on track, and then all will be well! 



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