January Water Element Horoscope



Welcome to your January 2024 Chinese Horoscope!

In the Western Gregorian calendar, January is the beginning of a new year, whereas according to the Chinese calendar, which is based on the lunar cycle, January is often the last month of the preceding year. In some way, we can have the best of both worlds—the opportunity to reflect on the past and renew optimism for a new dawn.

The Chinese calendar was created not only as a time-keeping system but also as a way to understand cyclical patterns that have been observed to repeat themselves, therefore allowing the ability to predict the alignment of constellations in the sky and future events on Earth. The system employs the ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches, comprising a cycle of 60.  

Simplifying the system to its correspondence of the Five Element phases and mutual interactions enables individuals ready access to this ancient wisdom and explore their Five Element Constitutional Archetype and consult personalized horoscopes for informed decisions in the realms of the body, mind, relationships, career, and finances.

Embark on a transformative journey by understanding your Personality Element—the key to navigating life's dynamic changes. Rooted in ancient wisdom, astrology unveils cosmic patterns, offering invaluable insights. Take the quiz to find out your personal constitutional Element and what awaits you in the month and year ahead. 


January 2024, according to the Chinese calendar, features Yi and Chou—associated with Wood and Earth elements respectively. The theme for this month is balancing growth and stability as Earth’s steadfastness tempers Wood element’s expansion. This means a time for steady progress and disciplined efforts, both in personal and professional endeavors. 

Globally, the Yi Chou month continues the initiatives begun in prior months in the areas of environment, sustainability, and responsible growth. While there are efforts to broker peace worldwide, the conflicts will likely remain in stalemate and status quo. 

In the business world, the changing economic dynamics of higher costs of loans—the Fed has raised rates by more than five percentage points over the last 18 months, and a more conservative outlook suggests the need for practical planning and strategic thinking to maintain financial stability. 

On the individual level, Yi Chou (or Wood and Earth) month means a time to focus on one’s personal health and promote wellness and preventive care. There are always opportunities for personal and professional growth, and being flexible and adaptable while maintaining a stable foundation are the keys to your success. 

This month is generally favorable for Wood, Fire, and Metal people; neutral and sometimes challenging for Earth and Water people. The vulnerable areas of health are the nervous system, liver and gall bladder, and digestive and musculoskeletal systems. In the Yi Chou month, Wood is being nourished by Water. However, Water is controlled by Earth. This implies a moderating influence, where the Earth element restrains your Water element, promoting balance and preventing excessive flow.

Take the quiz to discover your Element and read on for your personal horoscope for January 2024.


Physical Health

This month, with Earth damming Water, you may feel sluggish and even suffer from water retention, bloating, weight gain, fatigue, back pain, and heavy limbs. Fortunately, Water nourishes Wood, so it’s a good time to activate the liver to offload toxins accumulated over the winter months.

Tip: Prioritize hydration and consider incorporating detoxifying practices into your routine. Drinking ample water and consuming cleansing foods can support your Water constitution. Download the Tao of Wellness Detox Menu and Detox Bath. Consult our practitioners for a customized approach, including a personalized herbal formula and nutritional program, cupping, Tuina bodywork, and lymphatic release. 


Emotional Health

Your water nature is to move and flow, and when the Earth dams the Water, you find your emotional and creative expressions inhibited, thus feeling frustrated by the restraint. 

Tip: Learn to embrace adaptability and go with the flow in various aspects of life. Cultivate a mindset that allows for change and flexibility, promoting peace in both personal and professional spheres. Spend time in nature to enhance peace of mind. Water element individuals often find solace sitting by streams, taking lakeside walks, or beach visits. Take Water Element herbal formula to enhance your inner peace and support your healthy kidney/adrenal functions. 


Relationship Health

When you feel contained by Earth, you naturally sink low and keep your feelings hidden, which does not bode well in relationships. Sometimes, nondisclosure is perceived as negatively as dishonesty, leading to unnecessary misunderstanding and mistrust.

Tip: Your Water element’s intuitive nature can enhance the understanding of others. Practice open communication with clarity, even if it feels unnatural, and be receptive to others’ thoughts and feelings. 


Financial Health

With Earth weighing heavy, you may feel limited by your financial options, resulting in decision paralysis.

Tip: Explore innovative and forward-thinking investments. Your Water element's affinity with intuition can lead to identifying unique opportunities that others might overlook. 


Career Health

While you are naturally adaptable and able to go with the flow at work, you tend to shut down when the rules and regulations become cumbersome.

Tip: Apply your natural adaptability to career strategies, and do not allow rules and bureaucracy to discourage you. Be open to changes and consider innovative approaches in your professional endeavors. Embrace opportunities for growth and learning. If possible, collaborate with individuals or projects associated with the Wood element. Your Water element's flexibility can complement the growth and creative mindset associated with Wood, leading to successful collaborations.  


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