July Water Element Horoscope



In the Chinese horoscope, July is the sixth lunar month in a phase called wèi 未. We have left June’s strong Fire influence behind and are entering a period of sweet, soft, yin Earth energy. The season is calm and stable; it is a mellow phase, and our opportunities are maturing just like crops that are quietly ripening in the summer sun.

In Chinese medicine, Earth Element energy is firm, but it is not rigid. It is reliable, dependable, and unmoving, but it is not stagnant. Earth—the soil that feeds us and the ground that locates us in time and space—imparts stability; it cradles and nurtures life, which depends upon it.

July 7th marks Xiao Shu, or lesser heat, when summer traditionally begins in China. A few weeks later, Xiao Shu slides into Da Shu, which means greater heat. Da Shu is the time when the sun shines the longest, the average temperature is highest, rainfall is the greatest, and thunderstorms are most frequent, particularly in northern China.

This Fourth of July will be the 303rd anniversary of the publication of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Even though the declaration was not signed until August, we continue to celebrate Independence Day in July with parades and picnics, sparklers and fireworks.

Along with the fun of eating your share of barbecued delights, you probably want to know what sort of luck and happiness is headed your way. We hope you will enjoy these hints about what your Element can expect to encounter in July.


Physical Health

Earth energy is solid, stable, and non-moving while your energy is nearly the opposite. Even though July’s energy may fight you every inch of the way, it’s not like you to just sit still and do nothing. Fight back by using your forceful Water Element energy in order to get a move on. Water people are susceptible to back pain, so be certain keep your core muscles nice and strong. 


Emotional Health

You have a lot going on this month, so you are going to need to take the opportunity to relax and go with the flow. Allow yourself some time for your mind to dream and wander. Water people are natural dreamer-philosophers who can venture on incredible journeys of the mind. Your creativity is inspired by your reflections and dreams, and your emotional health depends on it. 


Relationship Health

Earth’s non-moving energy is dominant, so it will be important to avoid becoming isolated. Get out and socialize. Use your strong, forward-moving Water energy to help you cultivate opportunities for making new friends. When Earth’s oppositional energy is aimed straight at you, fight back and do just the opposite. You energy is powerful … and you know what you need to do!


Financial Health

If Earth’s stand-still influence brings out your tendency to overthink things, you may have difficulty bringing your financial plans to fruition. There are no perfect answers; think … but not too much. You may make a mistake, but there is no reason to hold yourself to an impossible standard. There is always a risk when dealing with money, and you’ve got to be okay with that. 


Career Health

You’re a deep diver who loves nothing more than delving into subjects that interest you. You are naturally curious, and enjoy expanding your viewpoint. Water energy is all about gestation, germination, creation. and inherited intelligence that can help you develop a satisfying, fulfilling career. After all, the more you learn, the more you will have to offer, so keep up the good work.




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