June Earth Element Horoscope



For thousands of years the I Ching has provided guidance for decisions about our health, relationships, finances, work, and play. Predictions from the I Ching follow the lunar year and are based on multiple, overlapping cycles that govern the heavens and earth. A variety of stems, branches, directions, and phases also have their say, each creating a trail of portents, probabilities, and possibilities, so let us begin…

In the Chinese horoscope, June is in a phase called  , a time of maximum powerful male yang Fire energy. It is no surprise that the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, occurs in a hot, powerful month like June. Dragons, the Fire Element and the solstice are all related―they embody activity, brightness, sunshine, daylight, and heat―all apt descriptions of .

When we look at the calendar, we see that it’s Flag Day on the 14th, the solstice will occur on the 20th, Father’s Day is on the 21st, and Dragon Boat festivities are the 25th through the 27th. Chinese call June the season of Wheat Ripening, or mang zhong, and in the United States, this is dairy month, fruit and vegetable month, and rose month, and all of them are found in abundance in the summertime. 

June’s luxuriant Fire influence is a constructive, creative, and positive force that creates many possibilities for development and success. Remember too, that Fire can also burn and consume, so we must do our best to channel this powerful energy wisely. In the meantime, be on the lookout for interesting new possibilities because who knows what exciting things might happen! 

Most of us will still be in some form of pandemic quarantine this month, but still you can fly your flag proudly on Flag Day, and give your dad a real or symbolic hug on Father’s Day. These are strange times, but it’s not entirely a surprise because true-to-form, the Fire Element reminds us that it is a very powerful force.

There is however, plenty of positive, constructive energy headed your way. So check out our advice straight from the I Ching to follow as a guide toward a healthy body, emotions, relationships, career, and finances. 

physical-health-icon.jpgPhysical Health

Earth is the centermost element, and Chinese medicine associates it with the stomach which is in the center of your body. The stomach is in charge of nourishment, and when you are well-nourished you feel great, but your energy can take a nose dive if you turn to sweets for a boost. Make a deal with yourself to only bring natural sweets like apples into the house and your energy will soar.

mind-health-icon.jpgEmotional Health

June’s excessive Fire energy may very well fuel your tendency to worry. You can’t accomplish anything at all by worrying about it, so write down the thoughts that are floating around in your brain, and then pick one task, something that you can accomplish, and get it done. Your goal is to move out of the worry mode and into the action mode, to feel a whole lot happier.


Relationships Health

Step away from overly needy people and do something to take care of yourself. When your energy is replenished, you will be able to think clearly without getting overly involved, and you will be able to figure out the best way to fulfill someone else’s needs without exhausting yourself. Think of it like this, when the oxygen mask appears, put yours on first and then go help someone else.

financial-health-icon.jpgFinancial Health

You are generous, but it is actually possible to be generous to a fault. Let’s say you loan money to someone who probably won’t ever be able to repay you, and you won’t have much money left over for investing. However, if you safeguard your resources now, you’ll ultimately have even more money to give to worthy people and worthy causes in the future… just something to consider.

work-health-icon.jpgCareer Health

Saying yes to every request can stretch you so thin that you can’t do your own work properly. There are many benefits to learning to say, “no” and one of them is that if you concentrate on your own work, you will be more productive. The first time you say it is going to be the hardest, but eventually you’ll get the hang of it. Give “no” a try and see what transpires… yes!



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