March Metal Element Horoscope



For thousands of years the I Ching has provided guidance for people's health decisions, relationships, financial matters, work and play. Predictions from the I Ching follow the lunar year and are based on the cycles of the heavens and the earth. Further influences include the Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water; the effect of yin and yang and the forces exerted by a variety of stems, branches, directions and phases. 

March is a month of transition. In China, Jing Zhe or The Waking of Insects and The Awakening of Hibernating Animals will be observed on March 5. In the west we will also catch a glimpse of winter sliding into spring: Purim has already begun, Daylight Saving Time starts on March 11, Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the 17th, and winter officially ends on the 20th. 

In March, the Wood Element continues to provide forward-moving energy to will kick off new possibilities. Look for exciting developments to explore and expand upon, but remember that you’re going to need to keep up your own forward-moving motivation as some of the quieter, calmer Elements begin to exert their influence during the remainder of the year.

New opportunities are entirely possible in this forward-moving mǎo phase of Chinese year of the Dog, 4716 … hang on to your hat!


         Physical Healthphysical-health-icon.jpg

Our society approves of Metal Element’s performance-oriented spirit, but on the flip side, Metal people may skip meals and stay awake until the wee small hours to accomplish a task. Sleep is restorative and is essential for good health, so cut yourself some slack and consider Infinichi’s wonderful array of Sleep products.


         Emotional Healthmind-health-icon.jpg

Metal people are most comfortable when they live a state of symmetry, balance and matching colors which is especially annoying to their Wood or Fire partners. Just for the heck of it, try loosening up and wearing something mismatched, perhaps different earrings in each ear or different socks on each foot. Yippee!



Relationship Health

A little bit of imperfection can go a long way in keeping relationships interesting; after all, we are all individuals with our own quirks and foibles, and that includes you! Metal people are fluent and often think that their opinion is the correct one, but Metal types can learn to be a little softer, a little less opinionated and a bit more accepting of change. 



Financial Health

Metal children intuitively know how to put money away and can resist the temptation to spend it. Think about this … financially successful people who represent other Elements usually have a Metal Element advisor or banker, so good for you! All you have to do is to pay attention to trends, invest wisely, and continue doing what comes naturally.



Career Health

Many Metal people like being in charge of things and people, which is useful if you are a boss. You are so good at organizing and helping that others often ask you for help or advice. They often know what needs to be done, but most people need reassurance so hold back on your advice a bit and see if you can allow others to find their own truth.



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