March Wood Element Horoscope



The value of astrology is to understand the energetic calendar of each year, month, and day and how it interacts and affects your personal unique energy and life cycle. In Chinese astrology, the system of Five Elements is used to describe both the energy calendar of the cosmos and that of the individual. Your core element is your operating system, how you interact with the world, your personality traits, and your health vulnerabilities.

According to the Chinese horoscope, March 2023 is yi 乙 and mao 卯 both of which corresponds to the Wood element. However, unlike February which was characterized bystrong” or Yang Wood, March corresponds to a weak” Yin Wood, which does not possess the aggressive, upward thrusting energy of “yang wood”—akin to a tree uplifting sidewalks and destroying structures around it. Yin wood is soft, like a grassy hillside blanketed with wildflowers and welcoming the arrival of spring. Therefore, we finally shake off the residual influence of the fierce Tiger of yesteryear and begin anew in the gentle nature of the Rabbit of 2023. For Wood Element, whenever one encounters an elemental month that’s the same as your core element, it accentuates both your personality and health traits. The month of March and spring happens to be triple Wood, so be vigilant. However, the presence of yin wood shall soften your impatient, authoritative tendencies.

How does this month affect your core element and impact the five healths” of your body, mind, relationship, work, and finance? If you dont know your core element, take a short quiz here to find out. Read on for your personalized horoscope here.


Physical Health

This month, you may find yourself being affected by muscle spasms, tremors, shakes, vision changes, unstable mood, blood pressure spikes, anger outbursts, arthritic joints, heaviness, water retention, liver and gall bladder symptoms, and poor digestion.

Tip: Support your liver function with Liver Support and Detox Bath to excrete waste products from muscles and skin.


         Emotionmind-health-icon.jpgal Health

Despite the softening property of the yin wood, this month will be a test of your flexibility and adaptability as there persists the tendency to hew to your stubborn position.

Tip: Practice Liver Cleansing Wood Element Qi Gong to release tension and pent-up emotional blockages. 


         Relatirelationship-health-icon.jpgonship Health

Your eagerness to “improve” relationships may backfire as relationships are to be nurtured and not rushed. 

Tip: For a change, be a follower and be open to others’ wants and needs.


         Financfinancial-health-icon.jpgial Health

Your impatience may cost you more than you bargained for. 

Tip: Sometimes it pays to be patient, like waiting until something you want goes on sale, so you can pocket the savings.


         Careework-health-icon.jpgr Health 

No one enjoys being told what to do, even if your intentions are noble and selfless.

Tip: Lead with compassion, love, and patience.


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