May Earth Element Horoscope



The value of astrology is to understand the energetic calendar of each year, month, and day and how it interacts and affects your personal unique energy and life cycle. In Chinese astrology, the system of Five Elements is used to describe both the energy calendar of the cosmos and that of the individual. Your core element is your operating system, how you interact with the world, your personality traits, and your health vulnerabilities.

Take full advantage of this ancient wisdom and discover how this upcoming month may impact your Five Healths—body, mind, relationship, work, and finances. According to the Chinese horoscope, May 2023 is Ding 丁 Stem and Si 巳 Branch or Fire and Fire Elements, respectively. 

Elementally, May 2023 is a favorable month for people with a dominant or core Element of Wood as Water nourishes Wood and Wood supports Fire; therefore, you’ll benefit from the support that will allow you to execute your vision with less resistance. For Fire people, the double fire is insufficient to overcome the dampening effects of water which may obscure your ability to shine this month.

The Earth person is a beneficiary of Fire, so will be helped in your endeavors with positive momentum. When it comes to the Metal Element, the Fire may disrupt your order and method increasing your stress. Finally, Water people may be negatively influenced by too much Water, which means caution and fear, and possibly becomes withdrawn. 

How does this month affect your core element and impact the five healths” of your body, mind, relationship, work, and finance? If you dont know your core element, take a short quiz here to find out. Read on for your personalized horoscope here.

         Physical Healthphysical-health-icon.jpg

The energetics of May are favorable for your health in general, but specifically, you still need to watch out for your digestive system. Poor digestive function may cause brain fog—muddled thinking, affecting your performance.

Tip: Maintain a healthy and balanced diet and avoid overindulging in rich or heavy foods. Avoid icy cold beverages and raw foods, even salads, until the hot summer months. 

Take Prebiotics and Probiotics together to improve your intestinal microbiome, and when your healthful bacteria are abundant, they will guard against bad bacteria that produce inflammation and excess gasses.



Emotional Health

You may experience imbalances related to your relationships or sense of belonging this month. Earth is associated with stability and connection, and imbalanced Earth energy can lead to feelings of isolation or disconnection. 

Tip: It is important for you to prioritize social connections and to seek support if you are feeling overwhelmed or isolated. Happy Heart Healthy Heart Meditation can help you feel connected again with others.


         Relationship Healthrelationship-health-icon.jpg

In the month of May, you may experience relationship opportunities related to stability and trust. Earth is associated with stability and growth, and imbalanced Earth energy can lead to complacency or a lack of passion in relationships.

Tip: It is important for you to practice communication and seek balance in your relationships.


         Financial Healthfinancial-health-icon.jpg

The energetics of May could bring financial opportunities related to investments or collaborations. Earth is associated with stability and growth, and imbalanced Earth energy can lead to missed opportunities or a lack of financial ambition.

Tip: It is important for you to be open to financial opportunities and to seek advice from trusted financial advisors.


         Career Healthwork-health-icon.jpg

You may experience career opportunities related to stability and reliability in May 2023. Earth is associated with stability and responsibility, and imbalanced Earth energy can lead to a lack of ambition or complacency in the workplace.

Tip: It is important for you to seek opportunities for growth and development while maintaining your sense of stability and reliability.  

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