May Fire Element Horoscope



In the lunar calendar, May is positioned right between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. It is the time of soft yin warmth as the Fire Element begins to exert its energy on our lives. May is further represented by the Chinese character Sze which translates to “preparation for ripeness,” an indication that all sorts of interesting, emerging possibilities are coming our way.

May 1 is May Day, a spring festival in some countries and International Worker’s Day in others. Cinco de Mayo marks the date of Mexico’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla and is celebrated with food, dance and Mexican culture. Mother’s Day is observed in nearly every country in the world and in our case, will be celebrated on Sunday, the 12th.

Some Chinese families commemorate Meng Mu on Mother’s Day. She was the mother of Meng Zi, the most important Confucian scholar after Confucius himself. Meng Fu placed a strong emphasis on her son’s education, and the importance of education and the filial devotion continues in China today.

The 27th is Memorial Day in recognition of the 1.8 million American men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. The flag is flown at half-staff until noon in their honor and then is raised to the top of the flagpole pole to remind us of the importance of continuing to fight for justice to all.

The arrival of the three-day Memorial Day weekend is also an indication to children that school is about to end and summer vacation is right around the corner. The I Ching also has reminders for what we can expect in a phase of rising Fire, so here are some tasty tidbits for you to enjoy.


Physical Health

Yours is the hottest of all the Elements, so you can probably imagine why it is important to keep this month’s rising Fire under control. Maintain your equilibrium by controlling heavy demands and pressure, and channeling your increasing Fire into healthy activities. Avoid overuse injuries by starting out slowly and gradually building stamina. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were you. 

         Mind Healthmind-health-icon.jpg

Oh boy, hang onto your hat! May can be twice the fun but you could also get into twice as much trouble! Resolve problems between you and your parents, especially with your mom. You may think she needs to change, but you can’t change her … you can only change yourself. Honor her on Mother’s Day, spend some time with her, or give her a call. It’s her turn, not yours.


        Relationship Health

There’s no need to get defensive in our relationships with our mothers. We don’t have to change our choices in order to please them, and they don’t have to change their opinions either. Forgiving is not the same as condoning, pardoning, or minimizing the impact of poor parenting, but forgiveness is important for our well-being and helps us become an understanding partner or parent.


        Financial Health

It’s very easy for new financial approaches and trends to distract you from your objectives, especially in a rising, double-Fire month. You are a little different from the other Elements; rather than encouraging you to move forward on financial decisions, it would be better for you to wait a week, deliberate and then see if your new plan still seems appropriate and wise. 


        Work Health

If you happen to be a stay-at-home parent, or you are interested in exploring new career choices, take some online classes. If an online program requires too large a commitment of time, sign up for a night class or attend a weekend seminar. Do your research; check out the training required for the fields you are contemplating, and adjust your goals as you move along.



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