November Earth Element Horoscope



For thousands of years, the I Ching has provided guidance for decisions about our health, relationships, financial matters, work, and play. Predictions from the I Ching follow the lunar year and are based on multiple, overlapping cycles that govern the heavens and earth. A variety of stems, branches, directions, and phases also have their say, each creating a trail of portents, probabilities, and possibilities… so let us begin.

In the Chinese horoscope, November is the tenth month of the lunar calendar in a soft, yin Water energy phase called Hài δΊ₯. Even though the phase appears cool and quiet from the outside, a lot is going on beneath the surface. Dormancy is much more than a period of suspended animation; it is a survival mechanism that helps prepare the natural world for the year ahead.

When Daylight Saving ends on November 7 the sun will rise and set an hour earlier, reinforcing our awareness that winter is just around the corner. As temperatures drop, days shorten and metabolism slows, energy is both literally and metaphorically returning to the earth. Just like a plant, we also need to slow down and conserve, so we have enough energy for starting anew in 2022.

November’s tranquil Water influence is constructive—like a seed gathering energy to germinate and burst forth in the spring. This is the perfect time to gather our creativity and begin making moves toward positive changes that will lead to success in the upcoming year. Be careful though, because soft yin Water energy can be so calming that we may forget that the time to take action is now.

We can imagine that you like to know what the I Ching reveals about your element this season so check it out—it’s all right here! In the interim, we hope that you and your loved ones will be able to gather together and celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we wish you and yours the very best in this, the beginning of the holiday season.

         Physical Healthphysical-health-icon.jpg

Earth, from the Chinese perspective, is represented by the stomach, an organ that receives food to nourish our body. Digestion begins in the mouth, so chew your food thoroughly until it is well mixed with saliva, the bodily secretion of the Earth element. Partake of your breakfast in the Earth Element hours of 7 to 9 a.m. Taking time for breakfast matters for you; it is your most important meal of the day.



Emotional Health

Enjoy fruits and vegetables and cultivate awareness of their special qualities. Each is different from the others—carrots are crisp, cucumbers are cool, tomatoes are juicy, and peaches are sweet. Look at the seeds that are contained within them, and consider that each harvest contains the seeds of the next. Just like fruits and veggies, each of us has unique qualities and each of us contains the seeds of future generations. 


         Relationship Healthrelationship-health-icon.jpg

“I can’t stomach it. Let’s get down to earth. Stand on your own two feet. I have to take care of everyone else but nobody takes care of me. I’m always hungry. Nothing fills me up.” As you can see, the stomach and the Earth Element take center stage in sorting out relationships. From our own experience, we recognize where needs exist and how best to fill them; when we are well nourished, we are able to help others.


         Financial Healthfinancial-health-icon.jpg

A strong Earth Element helps you digest and accept fate, and expand your circle of knowledge. You can function quite well on your own, and when your goals are clear you can easily achieve whatever you desire. You are steady like a rock, you build a foundation for success before you move ahead. Some of the wealthiest people in the world are Earth types who have built their success from the ground up. Got it?


         Career Healthwork-health-icon.jpg

In terms of life’s work, Earth people tend to start slowly and need time to build a foundation, but once this is done you can go at the speed of light. In the beginning, no one can see exactly what you are headed because you work slowly, steadily, and methodically but once you’ve established your base, you achieve what you want because of your ability to start at the bottom, and aim high for the top.

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