October Fire Element Horoscope


For thousands of years, the I Ching has provided guidance for decisions about our health, relationships, financial matters, work, and play. Predictions from the I Ching follow the lunar year and are based on multiple, overlapping cycles that govern the heavens and earth. A variety of stems, branches, directions, and phases also have their say, each creating a trail of portents, probabilities and possibilities, so let us begin…

The symbol of Earth Element energy is a mountain, but in a double Earth year the symbol is double—a mountain over a mountain. Double mountains are an indication that land, real estate, and territorial conflicts over minerals and agriculture are especially active. Earth energy is also connected to religion, so don’t be surprised to find that you are becoming increasingly attracted to spiritual pursuits.

In the Chinese horoscope, October is the ninth lunar month in a phase called Shu or Xū. It is a powerful Earth Element month in a robust Earth Pig Year. Although this year has the potential for expansion and growth, Pig people born in the years 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, and 2019 must remember to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves, rather than waiting, gathering ideas, and then getting confused.

In China, the Double Ninth Festival will take place on the 7th. It is held on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, and is also called the Chongyang Festival, or the Senior Citizens’ Festival. Not only is it a day to honor elders, it is also an opportunity to eat special Chongyang cakes, drink chrysanthemum wine, and celebrate fall-blooming chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China beginning in the 15th century BCE, and their beauty continues to be celebrated by many cultures. Chrysanthemums flourish in a cold, tough season and they also have become a beloved Chinese symbol of courage and tenacity. Tea and wine made from chrysanthemum flowers have many beneficial properties, hence their link to health and longevity.

There is much more to learn and enjoy, from what the I Ching has to say about your Element in this lovely chrysanthemum-filled season, so read on!


Physical Health

Fire people can be very competitive and intense, so pick a heart-pumping routine that helps you let of a little steam, and then allow yourself a quiet retreat afterward in order to calm down and unwind. A sauna, a dip in a hot tub, or a massage would be relaxing after a workout; and so would a soak in the tub while listening with some soothing music. You will notice that as your body relaxes, your mind follows.

 mind-health-icon.jpgEmotional Health

You love mental stimulation and want to know everything about everything. The problem is when you don’t know how to turn off your buzzing brain, anxiety creeps in, and that can make you a bit cranky. Turn to activities that keep your mind engaged and distracted from problems. The goal is not to excel at the activity—it is to release pent-up mental strife by being mentally present and the fun of actually finishing something.


Relationships Health

Your life is enriched by your relationships, and that means being receptive to others. Your life may not be as big or bold as you might wish, but remember that you are different and unique, necessary, and perfect just as you are. You have opportunities to be open and extend compassion. While we all need love, people who are unwell need it the most—not only those who are physically ill, but also those who are suffering in mind and spirit.

financial-health-icon.jpgFinancial Health

Earth’s strong energy is going to keep you safe this month, and November’s soft Water energy is going to completely ignore you next month, so continue on your steady path toward financial well-being. Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner, so start thinking about travel and gift lists now before things get too hectic. Search for bargains, and do everything you can in order to remain in good financial condition. 

work-health-icon.jpgCareer Health

Listening is an art. No one wants to talk on the phone, without a little feedback like “uh-huh,” or “mmmm.” These exchanges are referred to as “listening noises” and act as a source of validation for the other person. Likewise, when we are speaking with someone in person, nodding in agreement or smiling are also important listening “noises” that infer that we both hear and understand what they are saying. Mmm? 



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