September Water Element Horoscope



Welcome to your September 2023 Chinese Horoscope!

Ancient civilizations like China observed repeatable patterns in nature such as weather and corresponded those cycles of changes with the planetary configuration that were also recognized to change repetitively in the sky, and therefore devised a method of tracking, over millenniums, what these changes brought, and then used that data to predict future patterns of occurrences. This was essential for agrarian societies to evolve as it provided advice for the best time during each season to begin planting and end harvest for maximum crop yield. 

Other applications arose to use this system to predict the onset of disease epidemics on a societal level, the outcome of business deals, economic cycles, consequences of war and peace with an adversary, and so on. On the individual level, astrology was used to determine one’s personality and unique traits as well as vulnerabilities, personal life cycle of success, fengshui or favorable placement of living and workspace, and not the least, marriage suitability with a prospective candidate. In fact, within the Chinese culture, astrological matchmaking is still popularly practiced. 

Life is unpredictable, so a forecasting system like Chinese astrology that studies patterns is useful to help guide you in making an informed decision that may impact the five areas of life, which we call Five Healths as it includes the health of your body, mind/spirit, relationships, career, and finance. This system utilizes the Five Elements, so if you don’t know your personality element, take the quiz and then read on for your personal horoscope for this month. 

The knowledge of your Personality Element is the first step to understanding who you are. The next step is to know how your Element will fare in a changing world we call life that is not static and is constantly evolving. However, life is not entirely unpredictable as astrology gives us the knowledge of patterns of change—rooted in the ancient oracle of Taoism called I Ching, or the Book of Changes, where patterns of cosmic changes have been observed, recorded, and a method of forecast can be learned. If you are interested in this ancient wisdom for your life in our modern world, I invite you to explore the highly regarded translation of this ancient classic by my father here and check out online classes here. 

Taken together, this month is good for starting up projects, endeavors, and missions related to the Metal element—industries like high-tech chips and battery manufacturing, financials, engineering, and organizing and restructuring. This can be applied personally to reorganizing your life in all aspects to better focus on actualizing your purpose and goals.  

Metal is the generative element for the Water element; therefore, you are riding the natural uplifting tide. September is a highly favorable month for your core element, so leverage the momentum wisely.

Elementally, September 2023 is a favorable month for the following people: Water, Metal, and to a lesser extent, Fire. While it is neutral for Earth but may be a challenging month for Wood people. If you don’t yet know your element, take a short quiz to find out. Read on for your personalized horoscope here.


Physical Health

It’s generally a positive month health-wise for you, although you may end up over-taxing and over-exerting your body, potentially leading to rundown developing symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, back weakness, and pain. Additionally, watch out for adrenal burnout, resulting in hormonal imbalance, and decreased sexual and fertility vitality.

Tip: The best time to strengthen the Water element person’s health is during the fall, the season of the Metal element. Start by eating more beans and legumes, which contain lignans and plant sterols which the body can use to convert to hormones to help strengthen your kidneys, adrenals, and reproductive health. Take herbs such as Chinese yam, Schisandra berry, and Rehmannia root, which all possess properties that activate your energy and vitality. These are found in the Water Core Element formula.



Emotional Health

While your mind may receive a boost of creative bursts in September, it may tend to become scattered and unfocused. 

Tip: Your insights and intuition will become more productive when coupled with discipline and structure. Set a time to meditate, contemplate, daydream, and brainstorm but then get down to work to manifest your vision. Practice Water element meditation to help strengthen your will.



Relationship Health

When it comes to boundaries, you have none, which may lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.

Tip: Recognize that healthy boundaries increase trust and understanding between people. Start by having open conversations and write down what matters to you. Be careful that since your personality is easy-going, you don’t just give in to what others want but rather assert and advocate for what you need to have a thriving and reciprocal relationship.



Financial Health

This month is positive for you financially as the double Metal element feeds your Water, transforming it into monetary abundance.

Tip: Gather and conserve your financial energy by setting up a structure, like automatic savings from your paychecks and automated investment for a longer-term safety net.



Career Health

You have a large capacity to take on many diverse initiatives and may certainly get in trouble for overcommitting and biting off more than you can chew.

Tip: This month's most important lesson is to learn to say no, thank you! Conserve your energy so that you don’t deplete yourself and end up resentful.


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