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8000 Years of Wisdom: Vol II: Book 2: Includes Sex & Pregnancy Guidance Downloadable eBook

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Today people face tremendous problems in all spheres of life. Our modern philosophical, educational, political, and religious systems only compound the problems. The older, established religions are also inadequate and unrealistic in dealing with the complexities of the modern world. So where does one find truth, meaning, and workable solutions to these problems? From an 8,000 year old tradition of natural, integral living, Master Ni brings relevant and penetrating insight to our modern dilemma. With his extensive spiritual training, he is also able to assist and guide us in the equally important realm of spiritual development. This book is a compilation of informal talks and classes given by Master Ni over a five year period. It is put into chapter form for easier reading and covers a broad spectrum of spiritual and practical topics. Recorded from weekly gatherings, these talks reflect the concerns of modern students while offering a glimpse into the interaction between Master and student. The abundant wealth of Taoist wisdom contained in this book is offered for your spiritual development and use in daily life.