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Chi Gong for the Metal Element Download

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Chi Gong for the Metal Element is a form of Chi Gong used to combine the need for mental clarity and physical health in one gentle self-healing movement. For centuries people around the world have turned to Chi Gong to cultivate their healing energy, attain serenity, and increase their physical health. This gentle movement practice soothes the spirit, releases powerful healing energy, tones the body and enhances balance.


  • Strengthens the Lung and Large Intestine Channels
  • Supports healthy immunity
  • Aids in clearing your mind for better focus
  • Increases relaxation and flexibility
  • Improves your health and maintain a healthy weight
  • Balances emotions and the ability to manage stress


Chi Gong for the Metal Element is broken down into two easy to follow sections. First Dr. Mao will walk you through the steps and key terms and points to focus on during your exercise. Then, you can follow along through the whole movement as you learn more. This practice is meant to be done daily for optimum results.

*Available as a download and as a DVD, for the DVD version click here. For the full form including all elements, view Self-Healing Qi Gong.