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Ba Gua Cosmic Tour Level 2: Transformations 1-4 Downloadable Video

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For students of the I Ching and Chinese internal styles of martial arts such as Ba Gua, Tai Chi and Shing Yi alike, Cosmic Tour Ba Gua offers a unique experiential style in interpreting the 8 ba gua trigrams and the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching via gentle physical movement. 
Cosmic Tour Ba Gua features the eight transformations which represent the eight manifestations of natural energy: water, fire, thunder, wind, mountain, lake, earth and heaven. Each transformation follows the integrity of symmetry; it is done both on the right and left sides, to promote a balance of yin and yang—integration of the left and right brain. 
In this three-level learning program, Level Two features Transformations 1-4, namely The Whirlpool, Rotating Earth, Rumbling Thunder and Gentle Wind through which the practitioner experiences viscerally these natural forces and the hexagrams of the I Ching by the intricate physical movements of Cosmic Tour Ba Gua. 
Cosmic Tour Ba Gua was passed down through the Integral Way Taoist tradition and elucidated and transmitted to the West by Grandmaster Hua-Ching Ni aka OmNi, the author of an authoritative translation of the I Ching, the Book of Changes and numerous other books on Taoism. His teaching is being continued by his sons, Drs. Mao Shing Ni and Dr. Daoshing Ni through the College of Tao.