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Evergreen Life eBook

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'The spiritual duty of all life is the realization of universal harmony.'

Such harmony can be found through following the Way of an Evergreen Life in the material world. What is an Evergreen Life? The authors of this book, Hua-Ching Ni and Mao Shing Ni, suggest it is the normal, healthy, and automatic functioning of the life force that Mother Nature has endowed to all of humanity. 

Is this still possible in the ever-busy, complicated, and often confused modern world? The long-lasting Ni family now offers the essential guidance on the immortal wisdom that suggests living simply, quietly, naturally, and responsibly. This is the path of the immortal spirit in humanity and an evergreen life in the mortal world. That path helps us to navigate our way through the many entrapments in life and can lead to the realization of universal harmony, as well as the possibility of an immortal life. 

This title is available as a downloadable PDF eBook and as a paperback.