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Evolve Heaven on Earth

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By Hua-Ching Ni & Maoshing Ni

Read about the Taoist path of the Integral Way and how vital it is for today! To evolve heaven on earth means cultivating the wisdom, kindness, and courage that can be transformed into universal love. Hua-Ching and Mao Shing Ni take us on a journey that first explores the essence of the world’s major religions. Introducing us to spiritual leaders and sages, the authors explore the values of naivety, humanism, and the unity of life. In China, achieved beings known as immortals exemplify the realms of the soul, and inner light that guide us toward a life of virtue. A refreshing spiritual perspective of humanity at one with Nature is taught by engaging us with inspiring verses and rich insights. Reading the book promotes a peaceful mind while providing useful life guidance and practices for spiritual cultivation.

344 pages, Paperback

*This title is available as both a downloadable ebook and hardcopy.