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Five Elements Musical Meditation CD

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Welcome Natural Elemental Vibrations and Energy into Your Home

Find balance in your life and invoke the power of the universe by using Infinichi's Five Elements Musical Meditation. Designed to bring the transformative power of each element - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water - to fill the missing Feng Shui spaces and welcome natural vibrations and energy into your home. 

Playing an individual element can aid you in bringing that element's qualities into your life; transforming an Authoritative Wood Element to become more compromising, a passionate Fire Element into relaxation, a nurturing Earth Element to become more self-caring, a rigid Metal Element to be more flexible, and a wise Water Element to be more in-control. 

Each track is a separate element for specialized usage in your space. 


  • Optimize Feng Shui
  • Manifest fresh energy
  • Increases focus
  • Revitalize your space
  • Reduces emptiness


A mix of meaningful music and elemental sounds to fill empty voids of Feng Shui, aids in the mental and physical revitalization of your life and space. 

Total Runtime - 62 Minutes, including an introduction by Dr. Mao.  

*Also available as a download here.