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Part 1 - Introduction to Spiritual Self-Development Course Materials - Digital Downloads

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Part 1: The Integral Way of Life

The first unit for the Introduction to Spiritual Development is designed to help participants deepen their understanding and experience in the Integral Way. Learn More Here

Course Books Include: 

Harmony, the Art of Life: Learn how to create a personal harmony so that we are able to handle everyday situations with grace.

The Gentle Path of Spiritual Progress: Using Master Hua-Ching Ni's experience and guidance from traveling the world and life's problems, you will gain insight into making practical and positive changes in your life. 

Enrich Your Life with Virtue: Master Ni offers a broad study of human nature and draws upon centuries-old traditions of natural life that transcends cultural and religious differences. 

*This bundle offers a 10% discount from the retail price of the books sold separately and is also available in hardcopy format here.