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Lactation Aid

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Being a new mom can be stressful but feeding your baby shouldn’t be. This is where our natural Lactation Aid can help you to provide the nourishment that your baby needs. Packed with multiple herbs, this concentrated blend uses Fenugreek to support your natural breast milk production, hormone balance and a healthy milk supply. Using additional herbs, such as fennel, this blend will also help your baby’s digestion and decrease the effects of colic in infants. All natural, GMO, gluten and dairy free, this formula will be easy on mama and baby.


65 Capsules

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Naturally increases milk supply
  • Supports hormonal balances
  • Increases Prolactin levels
  • Reduces digestive upsets


  • Fenugreek is a common herb used for many ailments but is widely known for its ability to promote milk flow and improving milk supply in breastfeeding mothers.
  • Fennel aids to relieve the digestive upsets and has been shown to reduce the effects of colic in infants.
  • Astragalus and Angelica are combined in Chinese Medicine to build the blood and increase nourishment for the lactation.


“I’ve seen many acupuncturists over the years for my autoimmune symptoms. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster after I first became a mother with the postpartum hormones and the struggle to keep my milk supply at a sufficient level.  It wasn’t until I found Dr Mao and his amazing clinic that I was able to right my ship back to health and find remission. Along with acupuncture, he started me on a detox protocol that was safe for my nursing baby and gave me a custom herb tea blend that is made fresh every time I visit. The herbs not only increase my milk supply but also the quality of my milk. My 9-month-old only wakes me once in a 12 hour stretch to nurse. I’m so grateful for the extra sleep! And my newfound energy and wellbeing!” -Liz

“My breastfeeding journey began 5 years ago with my son. I was diagnosed soon after he was born with an autoimmune disease and I had struggled since day 1 with making enough milk for him. He was a sick child and whatever ailment I felt, he felt as well because I was nursing him. After my diagnosis, I was given heavy steroids and had to completely stop nursing for three days while the drugs left my body. It was through a generous donation from another mother that I was able to keep feeding him human milk, but the time away from nursing completely destroyed my milk supply. I was able to slowly recover it and my health with an extremely restrictive diet. My quality of life was not the best, but I was able to manage my symptoms with the help of alternative medicine, meditation and major lifestyle changes. 

I began seeing an acupuncturist in Colorado for my autoimmune symptoms and to help with my milk supply. It helped a bit, but it wasn't until the Fall of 2016 that I learned about Dr. Mao from ironically the person from which we bought our first house in LA. I had just moved from Colorado and thought it couldn't hurt to go back to acupuncture since I did find relief with regular treatments from my symptoms. Well, Dr. Mao isn't your average acupuncturist. He is extraordinarily well versed in the systems of the body and one of the most profoundly impactful doctors in my life (and I've seen some of the best functional medicine doctors out there). After quite literally 4 visits, he put me in remission from my symptoms. After 10 visits, I felt better than I had every felt in my life. So, I thought I would charge him with my milk supply issue after having my third baby. Not only did my supply increase dramatically, he was able to reawaken my right breast which had made only about 25% of the milk as my left side. I ended up purchasing a stand-alone freezer for all of the milk I was making and my little one is happy, sleeps well and rarely gets sick. He's really nothing short of a miracle worker. I'm forever grateful for his wisdom, guidance and incredible healing abilities. “ -LG


Fenugreek, Astragalus, Fennel, Angelica, Platycodon, Bupleurum, Corn silk, Mulberry stem


  • Animal products
  • Caffeine
  • Gluten
  • GMOs
  • Antibiotics or growth hormones


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.