Love Affirmation Stone

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Infinichi's Feng Shui Affirmation Stones are energetically charged with an engraved ancient Chinese talisman prepared by Dr. Mao to empower your meditation and space with love and happiness. This beautiful natural stone can be placed in your home/garden, office, or in missing feng shui areas of your home as a reminder of your desired goals and mission toward being your best self. 

Purposefully designing a life with focused intention is how you start the journey to living your ultimate life and succeeding in your goals and aspiration. Our Affirmation Stones are the helpers along the path to give you the boost you need to create these core changes. Placing a stone in a missing Bagua area of your home fills in that corner or area to balance your environment. Carrying your stone with you or meditating with these affirmation stones can help you to create a deeper connection to your desires, help you in manifesting your goals, create a deeper connection to your desires and can help you in manifesting your goals and creating a healthier living environment. 

Discover and embrace the success of the Affirmation line for your overall health and wellbeing of body, mind, and spirit. Your intentions are the first step to manifesting the life you desire; words are powerful too. When used the intention, the power of words and talismans combine to inspire the transformation that you desire. 


Program your bring for positive change. Utilize the following steps so you can manifest love in your life using Infinichi's Affirmation stone. 

  1. Hold your rock in your hands or place in an are of your home, office, or wherever you may need added feng shui energy. 
  2. Close your eyes and connect your heart's desire into the stone. Bring to mind the intention you desire and state the affirmation below, visualizing the end result. 
  3. Meditate on this intention and desire at least three times daily. 

Repeat the affirmation below: 

I am tuned into intimacy. I choose to live in my heart, trust myself and connect with others.


2-4 inch natural river rock (sizes and shapes may vary)