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One Spiritual Reality: A Guide to Universal Harmony

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By Hua-Ching Ni and Mao Shing Ni, Ph.D.

Universal harmony brings hope to a world in which many have lost confidence in contemporary religion and social convention. The book offers spiritual direction based on the One Spiritual Reality found within the teachings of the 4,500 year-old Ni family heritage. The guide also draws on the contributions of several other cultures throughout history, and offers a range of effective tools for attaining robust health and inner harmony.

The ancestors warned, “When the water from the spring leaves he source, it is clean and safe to drink but when it reaches the lower streams it becomes murky and may no longer be safe.” The authors, Hua-Ching Ni and Mao Shing Ni, would like you to consider their approach to keeping the mountain wellspring clean for those who might like to drink from it.