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Six Healing Sounds for Health and Longevity Meditation CD

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This modern therapeutic music compilation is designed to counter elemental imbalances on physical, mindful and emotional levels. Each core Element track is a merging of sound vibration and healing that resonates with the organ system energies of that element. Ancient Chinese physicians were aware of the power of sound and music, therefore, they prescribed distinct harmonic therapies to help improve one’s health. Revitalize your entire being by listening to the complete compilation. For Feng Shui application, adjust the energetic vibration of your living or working space by selecting tracks that correspond to the element space that you wish to nourish.

In this meditation, Dr. Mao will guide you on understanding each sound and the proper pronunciation so you too can harness this powerful aid for your own health and longevity.


  • Balances organ systems
  • Manifest fresh energy
  • Increases focus
  • Revitalize your space
  • Reduce emptiness



Dr. Mao guides you on a meditation using sound and breathing exercises to clear your mind and space and reach a healthier state of mind. With this meditation you will have a set of tools to maintain a healthy state of mind that leads to a deeper sense of peace and happiness.