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The Five Healths for a New Humanity Downloadable eBook

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By Hua-Ching Ni and Mao Shing Ni, Ph.D. 

"After thousands of years of turmoil, it is now time to find the formula for peace."

Hua-Ching Ni and Mao Shing Ni refresh the dream of the Yellow Emperor of Ancient China in a unique way. They base the peace, safety and survival of human life – and indeed all life – on good health. This is not health that only focuses on the body and mind, rather the authors expand our perception of health to include spiritual, moral, financial, mental and physical wellbeing. 

If we desire peace, this book is fundamental. It can help us attain the complete health that brings peace to our individual lives, our families and our society which can then expand to the world. 

*This title is available as a downloadable eBook and hardcopy.