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By Master Hua-Ching Ni


Dao-In, which means energy conducting, is an ancient system of gentle movements and meditative postures that nurture and invigorate personal energy and attunes it to the universal vitality..


Dao-In is part of the Taoist Immortal cultivation and is also part of their medical system. Traditional Chinese Medicine not only involves acupuncture, and herbology, it frequently recommends movements to aid in the recovery from certain physical ailments. Because Dao-In energizes and conducts your energy through certain specific channels, it can also breakup and dissipate emotional problems. It is especially effective for people who sit too much or for those who have their energy concentrated in their heads.


With over 85 photographs, Hua-Ching Ni clearly and meticulously guides you through the 49 postures including many sitting meditation postures never shown before. This book was designed to compliment and explain the Dao-In video which is also part of the "Master's Series" of Taoist Internal Arts. These gentle movements can be done by almost anyone in almost any circumstance, and for the serious student looking for longevity and spiritual immortality... the foundation is here.

*This title is available in both digital eBook and paperback.