Myra & Alex’s Weight Wellness Journey  During the Pandemic

Myra & Alex’s Weight Wellness Journey During the Pandemic

Oct 15th 2020

"After my two pregnancies, I gained 40 lbs. and have struggled to lose the weight. My husband Alex gained a lot of weight as well. Shortly after the pandemic lockdown started, I was frustrated that the weight just kept rising. So in May, I contacted Dr. Mao at the Tao of Wellness via a telemedicine appointment since we lived in the Mid-West. He had been taking care of both of our children with Chinese medicine over the years so he agreed to help.

Dr. Mao put me on their Weight Wellness Program which involved a healthy, mostly plant-based eating plan, herbal and nutritional supplements to correct the underlying cause for my weight gain and we had follow-up telemedicine visits monthly. Alex also went along with the program too.

I started the program in May 2020 weighing in at 165 lbs. Nearly four months later, I am now at 130 lbs., feeling lighter and feeling my best with the plant-based eating habits. My husband started at 247 lbs. and now is at 207 lbs.

All together, we’ve lost a total of 75 lbs. and I would like to lose another 10 lbs. while Alex wants to lose another 22 lbs. I feel that our metabolism is working normally now and that our bodies are functioning the way they are supposed to thanks to a lot of healthy changes in our diet, lifestyle, and the herbal teas that Dr. Mao provided us with.

Here are our before and after photos. Thank you, Dr. Mao, and the staff at Tao of Wellness for all your help and guidance throughout our journey."

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