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Chinese Horoscope Yearly Forecast 2021


Your Year of the Ox Forecast

Based on the Ancient Science of the I Ching 


ox-circle.pngWelcome to the Chinese Year of the Ox!

Welcome to my annual forecast utilizing the time-tested wisdom of the I Ching: Book of Changes. As its name implies, the I Ching is a system of forecasting the future by studying and recognizing the patterns and laws of change in the cosmos that govern life on our planet. The I Ching is as relevant today as it was when it was written eight millennia ago. The I Ching has been a wise advisor and my life has benefitted from its counsel, which is why I urge the readers of my annual forecasts to read or re-read all my past years’ predictions to confirm the timeless wisdom of the I Ching

In this annual forecast, you will find a general prediction of changes in the world and how they may affect you personally. If you are interested to know the specific steps you can take in each area of your life, you can sign up for a personalized birth chart reading here. To have a deeper understanding of this year’s dynamics, we need to know about the Five Elements so if you don’t know which is your core element, you can take our quick quiz to discover what it is.

2021, a Year of the Ox, is governed by Metal and Earth. The Metal Element with its shiny veneer is outwardly pleasing but it conceals its stubborn inner core beliefs and temperament. The Earth Element similarly appears agreeable and cooperative, but deep down its immovable nature can derail a desire for win-win resolutions. Consequently, while 2021 will not be as negative as the year we just left behind, it will be rife with continued conflict along with political, economic, and military clashes.

The lack of Fire Element influence in 2021 may continue to weigh down the economy despite regaining some, but not all of the jobs lost from the pandemic. Likewise, since the Fire Element provides optimism, positivity will surely be lacking among the general population which is anxious about the aftermath of the cessation of stimulus money and a rise of interest rates.

The rapid increase in national debt, rampant money printing, and cheap credit since the Great Recession of 2007-2009 and during the current global pandemic will serve to kick the can down the road and postpone the ultimate economic reckoning that will shatter consumer confidence and shutter the economy. However, as long as the federal government continues to print money, the party will go on although the loss of hope among the middle class is already palpable and resulting protests and unrest will become more commonplace.

Technological advances will continue at a rapid pace, accelerated partly because of the pandemic along with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics will improve many aspects of business, manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer experiences. Technology may actually lower prices which is good for consumers but can create substantial dislocation of the job market.

Environmentally, governments around the world will prioritize recovering from the pandemic so that environmental initiatives will be placed on the back burner for now, although the move away from fossil fuels to alternative energy is here to stay, as are electric vehicles.

Geopolitically, the competition—economically, technologically, and militarily between the U.S. and China, will surely amp up the tension on both sides of the Pacific and may bring the top two world powers to a standoff—something that must be avoided at all costs.

It is not only useful; it is also imperative to heed the advice of the ancient oracle, the I Ching, so that we can avoid needless pitfalls and maximize positivity in all five areas of our lives: physical, emotional, relationships, finances, and careers or work.

Physical Health

Pay special attention to the vulnerability in the corresponding Metal Element organs—the lungs, skin, immune system, mucus membranes including the large intestines, as well as the Earth Element organs—the stomach, spleen, and pancreas.

Respiratory and Immune Systems

Last year in my forecast, I predicted that the respiratory and immune systems would be particularly vulnerable and likewise, this year these same systems will continue to be under assault especially with regard to the COVID-19 virus. Keep your immunity response robust and prevent illness from COVID-19, colds, or flu since they can lead to other serious respiratory conditions like bronchitis or pneumonia. Simple habits like frequent hand washing and avoiding touching your nose or face, along with social distancing and mask-wearing can keep microbes at bay. Finally, moderate exercise five or more days a week can improve respiratory function.

Nutrition is also important; eat more cauliflower, daikon radishes, and pears to support the Metal Element and its associated respiratory function. I suggest taking our Metal Element herbal formula which supports healthy respiratory function. I also take our Immunity formula every day because it contains herbs that support healthy immune function, including honeysuckle, forsythia, and burdock—herbs that possess anti-viral properties. I also personally take our Probiotics daily, because it contains 10 strains of healthy bacteria and 10 billion live organisms that support the ability of the gut to support a strong immune response.

Digestive System

In 2021 the Earth Element is an area of vulnerability of the Earth organs, the stomach, spleen, and pancreas. Be on the lookout for gastritis, pancreatitis, ulcers, bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea. Microbiome imbalance may become prevalent, resulting in small intestine bacterial overgrowth or SIBO as well as stomach infections from H. Pylori bacteria. People have benefitted from taking our Earth Element formula because it supports all aspects of healthy digestive function.

Many patients have failed to respond to the typical antibiotic treatment for both SIBO and stomach infections. I recommend our highly successful three-phase, microbiome balancing treatment involving: 1) bacterial elimination, 2) gut lining healing and, 3) probiotic repopulation. Each phase requires a unique diet and a specific herbal protocol. For example, in phase one, a low residue diet “starves” the bad bacteria; phase two is rich in omega-3 and glutamine containing foods; and phase three reintroduces healthy, probiotic-rich fermented foods. Once resolved, symptoms that patients have had to live with for years, simply vanish. I invite you to set up a telehealth appointment and check out the article on treating SIBO with Chinese medicine here.

Metabolic System

The Earth Element also includes the metabolic system. Metabolic health will continue to be worrisome because of the Covid-19 weight gain as well as the lack of Fire Element energy in 2021. A lack of metabolic Fire can lead to weight gain that could result in diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. We have been able to help many patients lose the pandemic weight gain with herbal formulas like B-Slim and Metabolism Boost that help restore normal metabolic balance. I also invite you to read about Myra and Alex’s Weight Wellness Journey here.

Mind Health

The Metal Element is related to sorrow and the Earth Element is marked by worry, so 2021 will be marred by both. Many are grieving the loss of lives to Covid-19, which as of this writing has killed 400,000 people in the US and a worldwide death rate of 2 million. We may also be grieving social and political disorder and the general loss of civility. Moreover, there is abundant reason to worry about the economy and the increasing polarization of this country and the world.

Notwithstanding all the negativity, do not let events in the past or anxiety about the future overwhelm you or make you feel helpless, apathetic, or depressed. It’s important to cultivate the attributes of the Five Element to counteract the imbalance of Metal and Earth, this year’s dominant elements. For example, the Fire Element brings optimism, the Wood Element provides the impetus for action, and the Water Element contains the insights and wisdom that allow us to proceed cautiously, yet steadily.

In times of uncertainty, it is also helpful to be clear about your life’s purpose so that you can express it in every moment of every day. Remaining true to your purpose will act as a compass to guide you through dark days and stormy nights. I encourage you to take my online class, Change Yourself and Change Your Life, to help you achieve a holistic understanding of who you are, to uncover and confirm your mission in life, and help you set achievable goals toward actualizing your purpose. We also offer online coaching appointments to help guide you step by step toward clarity and achievement.

Relationship Health

The energetic dynamics of 2021 involve the rigid and unyielding Metal Element and the peace-seeking Earth Element that translate into a wish to compromise while refusing to yield. When people feel insecure, they default to guarding their position which makes it difficult to advance and progress. Consequently, expect stalemates this year, along with standoffs and harsh rhetoric that will require extra effort to overcome.

The strategy and approach to finding common ground in 2021 is to inject the Fire Element into relationships and dealings. The attributes of Fire are love, compassion, and positivity. Let these be the opening aria in your interaction with others; to genuinely express your love and care before you ask for anything in return. Be the change you want to see in your relationships, and then change in the other person will follow naturally in response to your intentions.

To learn more about strategies in relationships with others, know your own element then ask the other person to take our quiz to discover theirs, and follow up by reading my book, Live Your Ultimate Life that provides interactive relationship strategies for people with differing elemental personalities.

Career/Work Health

The pandemic has turned the job market literally upside down. Many people whose jobs allowed them to work from home were able to keep their jobs, while those whose physical presence was required either braved the risk of catching Covid-19 or lost their jobs. Losing a job might actually be a blessing in disguise since it could provide a blank canvas in order for you to visualize your life’s mission—turning a mere job into an advocation.

Understand your gifts. Who you are is key to unlocking your life’s purpose; it will set you on a path to actualize your life. How do you know yourself? The I Ching gave us the Five Elements that inspired Carl Jung’s archetypes that led to the development of the popular Meyers-Briggs personality test. Knowing your core Element will help you harness your strengths, then leverage them in a direction that aligns with your ultimate life purpose.

As the world evolves beyond the pandemic the five broad areas of increasing demand are healthcare, technology, communications, logistics, and finance. Each elemental personality has strengths that lend themselves well to each of these growth areas. For example, if you are a Fire person, you possess natural strengths including compassion and communications that point you toward healthcare as an advocate or educator. If you are Earth, your caring nature makes you a wonderful direct care provider. If you are Metal, you may excel in healthcare research and technology development. If you are Water, you may provide insights in advancing new healthcare paradigms. Finally, if you are Wood, your authoritative nature is well suited to healthcare administration and project management.

More importantly, identify a field that you care and are passionate about, and then apply your natural elemental strength to the work that best expresses who you are. If you want to explore a career in integrative medicine, check out Yo San University, an accredited, integrative medical school that my family founded which is dedicated to training the next generation of primary care providers in both Chinese and western medicine.

Financial Health

With Metal and Earth as the reigning elements in 2021, we can expect a bumpy ride in the economy and stock market. As long as the federal government continues to print money and keep interest rates low and the stimulus checks continue to arrive, the economy and the stock market will continue their upward trend. However, since the Fire Element is missing this year, it is going to be a challenge to find optimism that can support hiccups like high unemployment, evictions and foreclosures, social unrest, and trade wars that can spread like a contagion and hammer the fragile hope that people are holding.

With regard to personal financial health, it’s important to have a savings plan and to practice restraint in a downward market. Work with a financial professional to assess your risk tolerance and adjust your investment portfolio accordingly. The Metal Element is associated with industries like technology, defense, gold, and industrial metals, battery technology, machinery, the auto industry, banking, finance, and cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, while the Earth Element is associated with real estate and development, home improvement, the food industry, healthcare, hospitality, and sports.

As we come out of the pandemic shutdown, industries that should benefit and rebound in 2021 include metals, battery technology, hospitality, food service, and banking while technology, home improvement, and healthcare should also continue to fare well. If you want to get your financial house in order, I suggest that you download my financial health checklist or explore my online feng shui course on Abundance and Prosperity.

In Summary

While 2021 will be marked by the continued negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, ideological stalemate, and geopolitical standoffs, there are always opportunities for growth and advancement. Reinforce your respiratory, immune system, and digestive health; cultivate optimism, and learn to access your innate wisdom. Inject more love and compassion into your relationships. Leverage your elemental strengths in your work or explore new fields of endeavor. Get your financial house in order to weather storms and chart a steady course toward the destination you have chosen for your life!

If you are interested in a personalized life plan for 2021, please book a personalized birth chart reading here.