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Chinese Horoscope Yearly Forecast 2024


Welcome to 2024, the Chinese Year of the Dragon!

Based on the Ancient Science of the I Ching

By: Dr. Mao Shing Ni 


Universally, a new year ushers in hope for a new beginning and letting go of the past. It is no exception that nearly two billion people in China and throughout Asia celebrate the lunar new year to bring about a positive reset for their lives. What’s uniquely different about the Asian lunar New Year versus the Western Gregorian New Year is the recognition of astrological significance associated with each new year within the 60-year cycle. 

The calendar system developed in ancient China millenniums ago is still in use today and avidly followed by many, especially feng shui and astrology students. 2024 is a Jia Chen year, according to the 60-year cycle of heavenly stems and earthly branches (from the I Ching), and it is comprised of Wood and Earth elements, respectively. It is also the year of the Dragon, arguably the most powerful and auspicious of the 12 animal signs. 

As we usher in the Jia Chen (Wood Dragon) year, the cosmic energies promise a period of transformation, growth, and adaptability. This Wood Dragon's influence encourages us to align our actions with the essence of Wood—symbolism for vitality, growth, and expansion. In this astrological forecast, I will dive into personalized advice for individuals based on your elemental archetype, encompassing physical, mental, relationship, career, and financial aspects. Additionally, I will provide practical tips to address challenges and seize opportunities unique to your element. To discover your element, take the quiz here.

General Outlook


Growth and Expansion: Jia (Wood) is associated with growth and expansion. Chen (Earth) is associated with stability and harmony. In a Jia Chen year, there may be a focus on political initiatives aimed at development, innovation, and progress. Policies that promote sustainability and new beginnings might also be emphasized.

Challenges in Control: in the Five Elements interaction, Wood overbears on Earth, which could imply challenges in managing growth and maintaining control, possibly leading to political tensions, unrest, or conflicts. Look out for election year clashes in the US and throughout the world, as in 2024, nearly 50% of the world’s population will vote with seismic consequences politically and geopolitically worldwide. 


Innovation and Development: Jia (Wood) energy is conducive to innovation and growth. Economic sectors related to technology, especially AI and chips that underlie it, renewable energy, and sustainable practices, may see growth and additional investments.

Strategic Planning Needed: The struggle for dominance between Wood and Metal suggests the need for strategic planning to overcome potential economic challenges. While the US economy may continue to chug along, the rest of the world may lag behind with anemic growth, inflationary pressures, and recession. 


Emphasis on Stability: Chen (Earth) is associated with strength and stability. Government leaders will most surely prioritize national security measures, including stricter border control and immigration policy, beef up defense buildup and cybersecurity, and seek to project strength and maintain stability in the face of potential geopolitical challenges.

Need for Diplomacy: The inevitable jockeying for power between Wood and Metal indicates an increased potential for conflicts or tensions. Diplomacy and strategic negotiations will be critical to managing international relations and security concerns.


Focus on Sustainability: Jia (Wood) is linked to the environment and growth. There will be continued focus on environmental policies, conservation efforts, and sustainable practices to address climate change and ecological concerns even as the world pumps evermore fossil fuel. 

Challenges in Regulation: The conflicting nature of 2024 astrologically suggests potential challenges in regulatory frameworks. Striking a balance between growth and environmental responsibility will require thoughtful planning.


Holistic Well-being: Jia (Wood) is associated with vitality and well-being. Health initiatives may focus on innovations in healthcare, preventive and collaborative care models, lifestyle changes, and longevity hacks to promote wellness.

Challenges of Access and Costs: Three years after a global pandemic that broke healthcare systems around the world, policymakers have struggled between scaling up to prepare for the next pandemic, improving mental health access, and skyrocketing and unaffordable healthcare costs.



DEI is Here to Stay: Despite backlashes against DEI policies, globally, the trend will continue to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion to foster community cooperation and well-being.

Need for Balance: As with all social policies, extremes in either direction will engender fierce opposition; therefore, it’s important to have a holistic perspective, careful consideration of the impact, and a balanced approach to creating a sustainable diversity and inclusion outcome.

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