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Feng Shui for 2024's Year of the Dragon



Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon!!

According to Feng Shui principles and advice, the following are recommended to increase your positive energy input and decrease exposure to negativity. In other words, more good fortune, health, and joyful relationships for the new year.

81LKHxGssRL._AC_SL1500_.jpgGiving and Receiving Red Envelopes. Red envelopes, or Hong Bao, are filled with money and exchanged as gifts, especially to children. The color red and the act of giving money symbolize good luck, prosperity, and the passing of positive energy from elders to the younger generation.

Red is the prevalent color during Chinese New Year, symbolizing joy, luck, and prosperity. Everywhere you see homes, offices and streets decorated with red posters adorned with calligraphy of blessings like health, good fortune and peace, as well as lanterns and other ornaments to attract positive and joyful energy while warding off negative, evil energy.





Or obtain a set of special talisman stones written by Dr. Mao and place them through your home and work.IMG_1454.jpegIMG_1454.jpeg

Natural essential oil scents are also used to subtly reinforce positive five element energies in one’s life.