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Dr. Mao's Secrets of Fertility

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The first step toward parenthood begins with your inner wish to have a child. Whether you have just begun to hope for a child, or whether you have been trying for some time, Secrets of Fertility will help prepare your mind, body, and spirit for this journey.

This book offers a simple holistic approach for getting pregnant, using the time-tested wisdom of the East. The 5,000-year-old Eastern medical tradition emphasizes treating the whole entire person—mind, body, and spirit—rather than just the part that isn’t functioning well. In the case of fertility, Western medicine would typically focus on just the reproductive system, while Chinese medicine would assess a woman’s whole body and lifestyle, creating tailored treatments designed to bring the woman to an optimal, balanced state of health. The best treatments for promoting fertility work with a balanced integration of Western and Eastern medicine—which is why this book incorporates the best advice from both medical systems.

In the following pages, you will discover natural tips to increase your chances of conception: nutrition, herbs and supplements, environmental considerations, special fertility-enhancing exercises, stress-reduction techniques—and even a 28-Day Fertility Plan that is based on traditional Chinese medical treatments for promoting fertility. All of these tips will help you create a fertile ground for your future baby.