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Flea-Klear Oral Pet Care

Traditions of Tao

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Natural herbal blend that support natural flea repelling function.

Proceeds support both Voice For The Animals and Yo San, both non profit organizations.

Ingredients: Torreya seed, Chinese Chive and Kochia seed in a synergistic blend

Dosage: above 61 lbs—1 full dropper twice daily, 30-60 lbs—15 drops twice daily, 15-30 lbs—10 drops twice daily, below 14 lbs—5 drops twice daily 

  • Formula carefully blended based on animal care knowledge passed down over thousands of year 
  • No animal testing
  • Cruelty free 
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Made in the USA

Product Reviews:


"I had been searching and searching for a natural flea remedy for my 2 puppies with no luck. After reading reviews/ingredients and seeing that one particular shampoo caused dogs to seizure, I was at my wit's end! How can people knowingly put these chemicals on their beloved fur babies?! That’s when the heavens opened up and I found Flea-Klear! I love that it is all natural, made of Chinese herbs (which I personally am a big fan of for myself), and comes in a topical and oral which I use both of. Thank you for creating a safe and effective product for fleas!"  - S. Kaye


"LeTigre is my 7-year-old blue Russian cat and I care about keeping her healthy and happy. I have never been a supporter of giving any of my animals chemicals for fleas or ticks. However, the past few years have been a struggle because Tiegs is older and loves her time in my front yard. I decided to try the Flea Klear oral and topical formulas created by Dr. Mao. My mom is a student at Yo San University and has used both formulas on her dogs and cats without any flea or tick problems. Thank you to VFTA and Dr. Mao!" - David N.