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Happy Heart, Healthy Heart Meditation Digital Download

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Awaken the power of your heart. Our best-selling meditation, guided by Dr. Mao, invites you to activate this vital organ, opening it to awareness and wellbeing as you let go of negativity and fill up on happiness. Get ready to harness the power of joy and seal it in your heart. 

Studies show that happier people are less likely to develop heart disease and die than those who are unhappy. Chinese medicine has known this fact for five thousand years with this quote from the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine - the oldest medical classic in the world, "Happiness is the elixir of the heart and when the spirit is joyful, the heart is open and the energy/blood flow unimpeded which is the embodiment of life!" You will learn the Happy Heart, Healthy Heart Meditation from Dr. Mao, as he shares his family's medical and spiritual tradition with you through this simple meditation practice. It will empower and activate within you the most powerful medicine of all - love and happiness, which are both the product of and the tonic for a healthy heart and long life! 


  • Support a balanced, happy heart & circulatory system
  • Reinforce motivation for healthy behavior changes
  • Utilize tension reduction techniques
  • Revitalize your home/work environments
  • Treat yourself to a self-love boost


Happy Heart, Healthy Heart Meditation opens you heart and your mind up to embracing the love, gratitude and happiness in the world to create a deeper relationship with yourself and your loved ones. Meditation also decreases stress levels and reduces tension to create a balanced life and decrease your risk for cardiovascular episodes. 

Total Runtime - 21 Minutes  

*Available as a CD here.