Infinichi's Elemental Cookbooklet

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Our cookbooklet is probably going to be very different from any cookbook you have ever seen; but we’ve got you covered whether you are a foodie or somebody who is in a rut and wants to try something new. 

All foods have energetic properties. Enjoy the concept of foods having specific energetic properties but do not over think it so much that you become worried about what you eat. Remember that all of us benefit from a healthy diet that emphasizes fresh, clean foods, so mix and match these ideas and recipes to your heart’s content, but every so often try one that is energetically perfect for your elemental type. If you don’t know your element type, click here to take our quiz


This 49-page cookbooklet is broken down by meal, so you can easily reference meal or snack ideas. Each recipe or meal idea is listed with the Elements that would benefit most from the foods.