November Metal Element Horoscope



Welcome to your November 2023 Chinese Horoscope!


The world today is marred by a distressing proliferation of violence and conflicts, creating a sense of unease and powerlessness. The persistent strife reveals the vulnerability of a globalized society, where one event's ripple effect can span continents, making it feel like we're on a ship tossed about in a tempestuous sea. The sense of unease and lack of control in the face of this volatility is palpable. People yearn for peace and stability, yet the complexities of modern geopolitics, deep-seated historical grievances, and the rapid dissemination of information often exacerbate existing tensions. 


Ancient civilizations, particularly China, observed nature's cycles, using their knowledge to predict everything from agriculture to societal events. Chinese astrology, rooted in the Five Elements, offers guidance across various life domains, ensuring well-being in an unpredictable and rapidly shifting world. Explore your personality element, and consult your personal horoscope for the month to make informed decisions that impact the five areas of your life—your body, mind, relationships, career, and finances. Take the quiz here to discover your Five Element Constitutional Archetype. 




Understanding your Personality Element is just the beginning; the next crucial step is to recognize how it functions in an ever-changing world. Life may be dynamic, but it's not entirely unpredictable; astrology, rooted in the ancient wisdom of the I Ching, unveils the patterns of cosmic changes, offering valuable insights. If you're eager to embrace this timeless wisdom in our contemporary world, I urge you to delve into my father's acclaimed translation of the ancient classic here and explore our online classes here for a deeper understanding. Your journey to self-discovery and guidance awaits! 


November 2023, according to the Chinese calendar, is Gui and Hai—both corresponding to the Water element. Gui Hai month is characterized by heightened emotional sensitivity, intuitive depth, and a focus on empathy and creativity. This month, therefore, is generally favorable for activities that involve emotional expression, creative exploration, spiritual development, and nurturing interactions.


Financially, markets may be whipsawed by instability of world events. Despite stronger-than-expected GDP numbers in the third quarter, there are headwinds as investors’ digest regional conflicts with an emotional flight to the safety of the US treasury and gold leaving equity markets under water—as November is a double Water month. This is a continuation of the financial trends from the prior month of tightening financial conditions due to record high-interest rates, lower lending, consumer pull back, and general pessimism of the Water versus the optimism of the Fire element that is required to spark the market once again.


Individually, November is a favorable month for Wood, Metal, and Water Element people, neutral for Earth Element, and challenging for Fire people. The vulnerable areas of health are kidneys and adrenal glands, reproductive and cardiovascular systems, and circulation. If you don’t yet know your element, take a short quiz to find out. Read on for your personalized horoscope here.


Metal can coexist well with the Water energy of November, as it values structure and organization. This period is suitable for planning, setting long-term goals, and focusing on personal development, provided it doesn't become overly rigid.


         Physical Healthphysical-health-icon.jpg

Metal individuals are associated with the lungs, which play a crucial role in the immune system. To maintain good physical health, pay attention to your respiratory health. You may be particularly vulnerable to colds, flu, breathing issues, allergies, sinus conditions, fatigue, and skin problems.

Tip: Avoid exposure to pollutants and irritants, particularly mold spores, as they can lodge in your lungs and cause chronic inflammation. Practice deep breathing exercises daily, like six healing sounds that expand the diaphragm and the lungs, and use sound frequency to open and unblock your energy meridians. Avoid dairy, sugar, gluten, and mucus-inducing foods and opt for cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower with sulforaphane that reduces inflammation and inhibits, or take DIM, which is an extract from the likes of broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Try Quercetin to reduce inflammation and allergy reactions


         Emotional Healthmind-health-icon.jpg

This month can be emotionally taxing for Metal individuals as you are known for being organized, analytical, and composed. Water energy challenges your desire for order and structure.

Tip: The opportunity for self-reflection and contemplation is inherent in this month’s energy as it’s conducive to intuition experiences and spiritual explorations. This is an excellent time for delving into spiritual studies or deepening your connection to a higher consciousness. Read my father and my latest book, Evergreen Life, to explore flexibility and adaptability to help you navigate the emotional nuances of this period with grace.



Relationship Health

Your preference for independence and personal space may send the wrong message to others. 

Tip: It's important to strike a balance between togetherness and individuality in romantic relationships, ensuring that both you and your partner have the emotional space you both need. It’s good to leverage your ability to balance emotions with logic to create harmonious and empathetic connections with others during this emotionally charged period.



Financial Health

Emotional spending may be harder to resist as the year-end holidays approach.

Tip: Be mindful of your budget and spending habits, set up an emergency fund, and aim for a balance between emotional fulfillment and financial responsibility, ensuring your financial well-being remains intact. Approach investments and financial planning with caution and precision.



Career Health

This month may prompt you, the Metal individuals, to assess your career satisfaction and whether your current path aligns with your deeper emotional needs and aspirations.

Tip: It’s a good time to leverage your emotional intelligence, logical thinking, and empathy to create harmonious work relationships, foster teamwork, and make career decisions that align with your emotional well-being. It may be a suitable time for introspection and considering potential career changes or adjustments.


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