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Success Affirmation Water Bottle

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Inspire optimal career happiness and success in your life with Infinichi's Affirmation Water Bottle. This water bottle is energetically charged by Dr. Mao, utilizing hand-drawn calligraphy for the talisman associated to the intention of longevity so that your water is infused to uplift and positively transform your entire being. 

Purposefully designing a life with focused intention is how you start the journey to living your ultimate life and succeeding in your goals and aspirations. Our Affirmation Water Bottles are the helpers along the path to give you the boost you need to create these core changes. We drink water every day and the human body is compromised of roughly 70 percent water. The properties of water allow it to reach every cell to deliver information. Thus, by changing the molecular structure of water through the use of programmed energy vibration, it is possible to infer any message that you desire. 

Discover and embrace the success of the Affirmation line for your overall health and wellbeing of body, mind, and spirit. Your intentions are the first step to manifesting the life you desire; words are powerful too. When used with intention, the power of words, talisman, and water combine to inspire the transformation that you desire. 


Program your being for positive change with water. Utilize the following steps so that you can drink a minimum of four charged water bottles daily.

1. Fill your Infinichi Affirmation Water Bottle with water.

2 Sit in a comfortable position.

3. Hold your water bottle with both hands, placing the right hand above the left. Try to spread your fingers around the container so that your hands are close to one another, but they are not touching each other.

4. Look directly into the water with the talisman facing toward you. Bring to mind the intention you desire. State the below affirmation and visualize the end result. Meditate on this intention and talisman for approximately 10 minutes. Focus on charging the water with your desired intention.

5. Once you have finished meditating, drink the water throughout the day. Repeat the process with each refill.

Repeat the affirmation below:

I am well-paid and my career allows me to grow as an individual. My success flows easily. 


20 oz. Glass Water Bottle with Orange Silicon Sleeve