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Eight Treasures Level 3 DVD

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Eight Treasures Qi Gong energy exercises were developed by Ni Family Taoist physicians over a thousand years ago. The movements energize eight unique, extraordinary pathways in your body in order to balance and revitalize your health and transform your spirit, while each of the individual exercises like Moving the Stars and Great Bird Stretches its Wings reflect nature’s joyous variety. Practice Level 3 as a complete daily exercise, or as the advanced step in learning the comprehensive movement system of the full Taoist Eight Treasures. The advanced level 3 focuses on learning more about chi in your practice, on self-cultivation as part of a healthy life, on improving all aspects of your lifestyle, and on virtuous fulfillment as part of self-cultivation. You move from the formed to the unformed, from learning the movement to learning something unmoved, from the complicated to the simple, and from multiplicity to oneness.

Featuring Dr. Mao Shing Ni, L.Ac., Ph.D., D.O.M.