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Feng Shui for Love & Happiness Distance Learning Course

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Feng Shui for Love & Happiness

Do you ever feel out of sync with your love life? Maybe you need to engage better with relatives and friends? Perhaps most of all you want to know the secret to having a healthy and happy love relationship with yourself. Spark up your intimate bonds with Love and Happiness. Utilizing applications of the Bagua and the Five Elements, it's time to discover the love story within your spaces. User-friendly and no complicated calculations are required. Together, we will connect the dots between what you desire and how your environment either helps or holds you back. Get ready to open new doors and make space for your relationships to flourish!

This workshop is a combination of content and practice. Practices include a variety of hands on exercises, as well as group conversations and individual attention-training, listening and meditations.


Your Workshop Package Includes:

  • 6.5 hours of video from a live workshop that provides exercises and take-away tools that teach the underlying Five Healths philosophy and practices to optimize your Feng Shui practice. You can hear participant questions, answers, and additional explanations to further your learning.
  • Slideshow presentation to follow along with the video and take notes.
  • Feng Shui for Love & Happiness Workbook to use as a reference guide and to draw floor plans.
  • CA 7 Distance Learning Credit Hours and NCCAOM Provider Number 169556, NCCAOM approved course for 6.50 credits.
  •  Pre-requisite to becoming an Infinichi certified Feng Shui Consultant.


 What Our Love & Happiness Workshop Includes:

  • Love Story of Your Home - Fresh start space clearing & setting intentions
  • Elemental Self-Love - Transform your inner critic, empower internal wisdom & how to romance yourself
  • Art of Loving - Let go of emotional debt, rituals for intimate connection & tools to convert roadblocks
  • Bring Balance - ART & chi gong for releasing stagnant energy
  • Unmasking Your Inner/Outer Self - Create your most authentic mask art therapy
  • Feng Shui Floor Plans for Real Love - How to design a sensual home & magnetize your bedroom
  • Induce Pleasure - Visual, auditory, olfactory, taste & tactile elements to use
  • Professional Tools - Customize your clients' lifestyles