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Feng Shui for Peace & Wisdom Distance Learning Course

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Feng Shui for Peace & Wisdom


How much is too much stress? Global events, work stress, laundry piled up and no time to go grocery shopping. Some days you feel in control, but on others you're not so sure. Life can creep up on you and so can your home. You see, your home should always be the comforting, relaxing place you go to at the end of the day to unwind and feel at peace. Unfortunately, you may walk into your home and you still feel overwhelmed by a long to-do list of chores, clutter and even furniture decor that doesn't resonate a "calm space". With so many stress triggers in life, you sometimes can feel deflated because if you can't feel at ease in your own home, then where can you? Luckily, you can transform you home. This workshop teaches you brand-new techniques to de-stress your home so that you can unwind and recharge. You will go through your living space room by room to revitalize your surroundings so that you are inspired to be creative, stay healthy and power through self-growth of anything life tosses at you. User-friendly and no complicated calculations are required. Dr. Mao will show you how to be stress-free including where to start, what to do, and ways to keep it up for your home.

This workshop is a combination of content and practice. Practices include a variety of hands on exercises, as well as group conversations and individual attention-training, listening and meditations.


Your Workshop Package Includes:

  • 6.5 hours of video from a live workshop that provides exercises and take-away tools that teach the underlying Five Healths philosophy and practices to optimize your Feng Shui practice. You can hear participant questions, answers, and additional explanations to further your learning.
  • Slideshow presentation to follow along with the video and take notes.
  • Feng Shui for Peace & Wisdom Workbook to use as a reference guide and to draw floor plans.
  • CA 7 Distance Learning Credit Hours and NCCAOM Provider Number 169556, NCCAOM approved course for 6.50 credits.
  • Pre-requisite to becoming an Infinichi certified Feng Shui Consultant.


Our Peace & Wisdom Workshop Includes: 

  • Easy Ways to De-Stress Your Home
  • How to Claim Your "Calm Space"
  • How to Purge for Your Element Style
  • Lighten Up What Can't Be Eliminated with Creativity & Self-Growth
  • Sensory Bar to Feel, Touch, Sniff, Taste and Hear for the 5 Elements
  • Magnify Your Goals by Creating A Feng Shui Vision Board To Take Home
  • A.R.T. and Chi Gong Practices to Detox Negativity
  • Let the Light Shine for Positive Effects on Element Health and Stress
  • Newly Added Feng Shui Tools for Professional Development