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NEW Dao-In Yoga Level 1 Downloadable Video

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Level One features Dr. Mao and Fei Fei Chen as they practice Dao-In Yoga, a unique system of mind-body practices rooted in the Integral Way Taoist traditions of ancient China. It is a practice of qi gong that seeks to stimulate energy flow through acupuncture points and meridians by stretching and strengthening every part of the body from head to toe to achieve health and activate the body’s healing response.

As opposed to traditional Indian yoga, poses are not held, as the focus is on moving the qi and body through the different poses. Dao-In is also a spiritual practice highlighted by the 21 meditation poses and invocations. Experience Dao-In Yoga as poetry in motion, expressing nature’s movement with names like butterfly opening its wings, bamboo bending in the wind, and lifting the mountain—all designed to help one connect deeply with the divine universe.

If you choose to continue, Level One covers exercises done lying down and sitting. Level Two is meditation poses with invocations, and Level Three focuses on acupressure self-message.