August Metal Element Horoscope


For thousands of years the I Ching has provided guidance for decisions about our health, relationships, finances, work, and play. Predictions from the I Ching follow the lunar year and are based on multiple, overlapping cycles that govern the heavens and earth. A variety of stems, branches, directions, and phases also have their say, each creating a trail of portents, probabilities, and possibilities, so let us begin …

In the Chinese horoscope, August is the seventh lunar month in a phase called Shén 申, whose character usually refers to “spirit” but can also represent spirituality, God, deity, consciousness, or awareness. Shen resides in our hearts—it is a channel for spiritual transformation that connects us to magic, inspiration, intuition, joy, love, and compassion.

August is a powerful Metal Element month during which the intensity of high summer starts to subside as we begin the slow march toward fall. In August, our energy begins to decrease and contract, which signals that it is time to let go of ideas, attitudes, feelings, and objects that are no longer useful to us. It is also time for us to reflect upon that which we have sown and how it might influence our goals for the future.

In the Chinese lunar calendar, the year’s seasons revolve earlier than they do in the west. In the lunar calendar, for example, a new season begins when the first faint whisperings of change appear in the natural world. Hence spring starts in early February, summer arrives in May, autumn begins in August, and winter arrives in November.

The Chinese image for August is of “full ripeness.” In the west, we think of August as a summer month, but in traditional agrarian cultures, farmers are acutely aware that the summer solstice is long past and that daylight hours are becoming noticeably shorter. August also reminds us that Labor Day will be here almost before we know it!

August’s Metal energy compels us to look back and reflect but also drives us toward spiritual pursuits and personal transformation. You must be curious to know what else the I Ching reveals about your own unique element this month … so check it out!


Physical Health

If you have been paying attention to a healthy lifestyle, this will be a super month, and you will feel great. If your lifestyle choices have been iffy, it will be super tempting to slack off in the healthy-living department. We trust you, though…of all the elemental types, Metal is the most concerned about looking great and feeling good, so we are confident that you have what it takes to get back on track. 


Emotional Health

Beauty soothes your soul, so hunt for it as you go about your day. Be on the lookout for unexpectedly beautiful things and take the time to stop and enjoy them. Looking for beauty is fun, and it can be as simple as noticing a shadow, a spectacular sunset, a mother cat taking care of her kittens, the moon at night, or a stunning flower … beauty is all around us, but we have to be willing pay attention and take notice of it.


Relationship Health

Your energy is incredibly robust in August so identify some people you would like to express your appreciation to, whether they be family, friends, or colleagues. Acknowledge them with a wave, a compliment, a text, a note, or a treat. Allow your heart to be open and embrace the good vibes that flow from it. Have fun with this project—creating opportunities for happiness may seem strange at first, but give it a try.


Financial Health

In this, a double Metal month, you will have an opportunity to reap what you have sowed. Be on the lookout for the prize that will surely come your way, and in the meantime, show your money some love by organizing it. Clean out your wallet. Arrange your paper money in denominations. Take loose coins to the bank and create some space so you will be able to manifest your upcoming harvest of financial rewards.


Career Health

Spend some of your energy on manifesting your dreams. Think about what you would like to be doing in the next five or ten years, and list some goals you would like to accomplish in this lifetime. Your bright, shining, metal energy deserves the best fit you can find for your life’s work, so once you figure out what you want your future to look like, start cutting through any obstacles in your way.



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