August Metal Element Horoscope



In the Chinese horoscope, August is the seventh lunar month in a phase called Shén . The character usually refers to spirit, but it also represents spirituality, god, deity, consciousness, and awareness. Shen resides in our heart; it is the channel for all spiritual transformation, and it connects us to magic, inspiration, intuition, joy, love, and compassion. 

August is a strong transformational Metal Element month during which the heat of summer is transforming, beginning to cool, and contract in preparation for the fall. Metal energy prompts us human beings to begin contracting as well; to start letting go of things, ideas, attitudes, and feelings that are no longer useful or beneficial for us to retain. 

August is also the perfect time to reflect on that which we have sown, and to consider our goals for the future. Meditation, journaling, hiking or camping, attending a retreat―even going on a cruise―can provide an opportunity for thinking about our past and figuring out how we can transform ourselves to better fit our current lives.

The Chinese image of August is “full ripeness.” In the west we think of August as still being summer, but in a traditional agrarian culture, farmers are well aware that the solstice is behind us, that days are becoming imperceptibly shorter; we have begun to turn the corner toward autumn. 

In the west we define the beginning of a season by the solstices. In the Chinese lunar calendar, the seasons arrive much earlier since in the lunar calendar, the next season begins when the first faint whisperings of change appear: spring begins in early February, summer arrives in the first part of May, autumn begins on August 6, and winter arrives in early November.

August’s Metal energy pushes us to look back and reflect, and at the same time it drives us toward spiritual pursuits, and personal transformation. You must be curious to know what the I Ching reveals about your own personal Element this month … so check it out! 


Physical Health

You are a hard worker, so give yourself a break. Turn off your digital devices and do something wonderful to nourish your spirit. Go to a museum or a concert or take yourself out to dinner. Eat an ice cream cone. Do something silly! Our minds, bodies, and spirit are intertwined and interconnected, so in order to enjoy optimal physical health, we’ve got to take care of all three. 


Emotional Health

Your energy is very powerful this month, and that makes it possible for you to accept life as it is. You rise above life’s ups and downs without getting too involved in the fray. Your energy is on the cooler side, that allows you to cope with determined Woods, passionate Fires, and nurturing Earth types; it also makes you better able to remain objective and unruffled, so hooray!


Relationship Health

Metal people seek a higher path of spiritual existence. If your present company doesn’t fit within your vision, you will politely end those relationships and move on to something or someone at the level you require. Even though others may think you are cold or detached, you have high respect for yourself and the importance of your journey, so seek … and you shall find!


Financial Health

Metal people are conservative, so you naturally have a head start when it comes to accumulating wealth. Planning your finances is a very important life skill, but when things don’t go according to your plan, you may become discouraged. None of us can control everything, so give yourself credit for having done the best you could― after all, you’re only human.


Career Health

August’s strong Metal energy can help you manifest your dreams so make an elaborate list of all the opportunities and encounters you would like to attract over the course of your lifetime. If you don’t love what you are currently doing, figure out what sort of careers or life experiences might be a better fit for you, then write them down. Be specific … the universe is listening!



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