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Live Your Ultimate Life

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Do you know your life purpose; where your future is headed? Your ultimate happiness and success lies in discovering who you are and your personal life path. By discovering your element and your innate personality traits, you can guide your life in the direction of your purpose. Live Your Ultimate Life starts with self-discovery. Do you identify with any of the statements below?

Can being continuously authoritative feel great, but also create challenges in your relationships?

Is your passion to pursue all of your dreams scattering you in too many directions?

Are you dedicated to supporting others, even if it means undermining your needs?

Have you found that being overly methodical can get in the way of enjoying your tasks?

Are you afraid to share your insights and wisdom due to fear of judgment of others?

By understanding your Five Element Personality from the ancient philosophy of the I Ching or the Book of Changes you will learn and apply the strategic wisdom and practices that have been designed by the ancient masters to help you strengthen your physical health, restore peace within your mind, improve your relationships, increase your wealth, and experience passion and meaning in your chosen work.

This book will guide you in cultivating health, balance, and happiness in your life and coach you to actualize your dreams.


*This title is available in print and download.