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Change Yourself, Change Your Life: Ultimate Relationship Health Distance Learning Course

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Change Yourself, Change Your Life

Ultimate Relationship Health

Relationships are essential for personal growth, health and a truly joyful life. The Ultimate Relationship Health Workshop will help you discover your own Element Personality and show how a thorough understanding of different types of elemental personalities can support your own ability to cultivate unconditional love and acceptance. This workshop will supply you with tools for clear communication, transforming common conflicts between people, and overcoming any issues you may have with trust. You will consider your own friendships, intimate relationships and relationships at work. You will learn how to make use of the Five Elements Paradigm to interact with others and manage conflicts effectively and compassionately with insights and confidence in your ability to create fulfilling relationships.

This workshop is a combination of content and practice. Practices include a variety of one-to-one and dyadic practices as well as chi gong, acupressure, group conversations and individual attention-training, listening and free writing. 

Your Workshop Package Includes:

  • 7 hours of video from a live workshop that provides mindfulness and take-away tools and handouts that teach the underlying Five Healths philosophy and practices to optimize your personal Core Element. You can hear participant questions, answers, and additional explanations to further your learning.
  • Slideshow PDF handouts for you to take notes and follow along with the presentation.
  • Relationship Health Mantra to nurture your journey, digital audio and PDF.
  • PDF handout of Acu-Release Technique (ART) to release past trauma and emotions.
  • Healthy tips PDF for your Ultimate Relationship Health; divided per element.
  • PDF handout with four weeks of follow-up exercises and content to support you post workshop.
  • CA 7 Distance Learning Credit Hours
  • Pre-requisite to becoming an Infinichi certified Life Coach


Why You Should Participate: