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Change Yourself, Change Your Life: Ultimate Financial Health Distance Learning Course

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Change Yourself, Change Your Life

Ultimate Financial Health

 Healthy finances give you the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle you want to lead and the ability to share your good fortune with others. The Ultimate Financial Health Workshop will coach you in the attributes of your personal Element in order to help you understand how your Element relates to money and financial matters. You will learn and cultivate the spiritual laws of abundance that will draw positive energy into your life, develop good financial practices and habits and apply the power of sharing as important parts of an overall wellness strategy. You will receive tools to help you measure your financial fitness, clarify your financial goals, and develop a strategy for achieving your financial dreams.

In this workshop, Dr. Mao was joined by Vice President-Financial Consultant with Charles Schwab & Co, educator, and advocate in the field of personal financial planning, Joshua Bradburn. Joshua has over nine years of experience helping clients achieve their financial goals. Joshua specializes in but not limited to wealth management, investing, portfolio analysis, college planning.

At Infinichi's Ultimate Financial Health Workshop, you'll discover easy-to-master ways of cultivating abundance and receive immersive tools to help you measure your financial fitness, clarify your financial goals, and develop a strategy for achieving your financial dreams.

Your Workshop Package Includes:

  • 7 hours of video from a live workshop that provides mindfulness and take-away tools and handouts that teach the underlying Five Healths philosophy and practices to optimize your personal Core Element. You can hear participant questions, answers, and additional explanations to further your learning.
  • Discover how belief systems can effect your habits with money, fulfilling your financial desires, how your Element relates to your finances, establish a budget, bring clarity to financial goals, define your abundance, receive effective strategies regarding finances and extra financial planning worksheets.
  • Slideshow PDF handouts for you to take notes and follow along with the presentation.
  • Financial Health Mantra to nurture your journey, digital audio and PDF.
  • PDF handout of Acu-Release Technique (ART) to release past trauma and emotions.
  • Healthy tips PDF for your Ultimate Financial Health; divided per element.
  • PDF handout with four weeks of follow-up exercises and content to support you post workshop.
  • CA 7 Distance Learning Credit Hours
  • Pre-requisite to becoming an Infinichi certified Life Coach

Why You Should Participate:




Note: This workshop offers unbiased financial education and it's not our intention to sell any financial products or services.