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Change Yourself, Change Your Life: Ultimate Physical Health Distance Learning Course

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Change Yourself, Change Your Life

Ultimate Physical Health

Physical wellbeing effects every facet of your life. This workshop will lead you on an exploration of a new paradigm of self-care in which you learn about your personal Element and come to understand how your everyday choices boost your immune system and increase your energy, vitality, and lifespan.

At Infinichi's Ultimate Physical Health Workshop, Dr. Mao will teach you about diet and nutrition that is specific to your personal Element and explore Chinese herbal formulas that are customized for your core Element. You will also learn specific chi gong, acupressure and meditations to optimize your Element health. This is a unique opportunity for you to master leveraging your natural Element strength towards your peak performance, as you maintain ageless beauty and youthful vitality. You will leave the workshop with a personalized plan and goals that are both life affirming and health giving.

Your Workshop Package Includes:

  • 7 hours of video from a live workshop that provides mindfulness and take-away tools and handouts that teach the underlying Five Healths philosophy and practices to optimize your personal Core Element. You can hear participant questions, answers, and additional explanations to further your learning.
  • Slideshow PDF handouts for you to take notes and follow along with the presentation.
  • Relationship Health Mantra to nurture your journey, digital audio and PDF.
  • PDF handout of Acu-Release Technique (ART) to release past trauma and emotions.
  • Healthy tips PDF for your Ultimate Relationship Health; divided per element.
  • PDF handout with four weeks of follow-up exercises and content to support you post workshop.
  • CA 7 Distance Learning Credit Hours
  • Pre-requisite to becoming an Infinichi certified Life Coach

Workshop Highlights:

  • Acknowledge your commitment to yourself and assess your reality so that you can maximize health, balance and wellbeing.
  • Live life by your Element Type: Optimize stress management, nutrition, lifestyle changes, sleeping patterns and exercise regimes that set you on track for a lifetime of wellness.
  • Learn how to choose food as fuel and receive healthy eating guidelines that can be achieved regardless of budget.
  • Receive effective strategies, discovery exercises, and yin-yang sessions plus chi gong, acupressure and stress release meditation techniques.
  • Break the cycle of sugar crash, carb cravings and caffeine cram.
  • Leave the program feeling NOURISHED...body, soul and spirit to live a joyful, pain free life!
  • Receive a personal physical mantra, a journal, healthy tips PDF, PLUS four weeks of follow-up exercises

Why You Should Participate: